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Great fishing the past few days. Both the nymph and streamer have been productive.

The entire river has been worthy.  It appears the Skwala nymphs are incredibly active as they should be.  We are only a month or so away from the first adult of the 2018 season.

Below are the Fly’s De Jour .  Stop by the Fly’s Down | Evening Hatch Shop and pick up your supply…2308 Canyon Rd,  Ellensburg

Pats Stone | Pink Worm | Cdc PT
Sparkle Minnow | Copper John | Thin Mint
Sparkle Minnows
Sparkle Minnows



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Andy and Dan
Carl and a hatchery hen

Good numbers of hatchery fish around on select rivers.  A few wild fish showing up as well….

Winter Steelhead Swing Tip here

Easy Winter Steelhead pattern here


YAKIMA RIVER    Honestly, no report lately.  We have not been on the river for a few days now… To learn more about winter fishing on the Yakima click here

This would be one of our favorite times to fish the river.  To take advantage of one of the Best Deals in the West click here



Winter Steelhead. 1-2-18

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Happy New Year!  Rivers are coming back into shape after this most recent Atmospheric River….That term just makes me laugh.

Reasonable numbers of fish around… The typical early run of hatchery fish, and some wild ones showing up  here and there.

A few tips….

Fish the fly at the eye level of the fish or just above.

Although plenty of fish  are caught early in the day, statistically for us the afternoon is better.

Of course, fish where the fish are. If the fish are moving, the heads and tails are a given. If the fish are sitting down, fish the gut of the run.

Utilize the right sink tip and or line to put the fly in the zone.

more tips coming soon:)

Afternoon sun and lunch for Taylor and Clark