Two Hander Day on the Klickitat
Featuring a
'Whole Lotta Talent'

Brought to you by The Steelhead Ranch

Sept 7, 2013



This free gathering is for those who would like to learn not only how to cast the two hander better and further, but also how to fish it!


9 - 10AM CHECK IN at Stinson Access on the Klickitat - Directions here

Class Topics

-> Demystifying the variety of two hand lines
-> Beginner two hand casting
-> Intermediate/advanced two hand casting
-> Getting more distance
-> Fishing the fly, hooking and fighting fish
-> Single hand spey casting
-> Up against the trees

-> Combining casts to optimize efficiency
-> Long Belly Casting vs Underhand Casting
-> Overhead Casting with the Two Hander

10AM 3PM Classes

3-6:30 Go Fish or Hang out!

6:30PM -Dark Barbecue

At Dark - A Special Outside and Under the Stars Presentation of and by Catch Magazine


Guest Speakers

Trey Combs



Trey Combs is best known for his classic books on steelhead fly fishing. "Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies," and "Steelhead Fly Fishing" were standard references on the subject for two generations. He authored "Bluewater Fly Fishing," a worldwide "how to" on big game fly fishing. His many saltwater fly fishing world records include those for wahoo, black marlin, and striped marlin. Trey writes articles for "The Drake" magazine, and he's an Evening Hatch staff member.


Mike Davidchik



Mike 'AKA Steelie Mike' has been fishing the fly for many years. Many would consider Mike at the pinnacle level of the 'Conscious Angler.' His popular blog, Steel , is a reflection of the tireless and endless task of keeping the many informed of current events, works and happenings in the realm of wild fish and fishing the fly. His thought and commitment to informing those involved is humbly executed.

Aside from the aforementioned, Mike LOVES to fish and is 'Dang' good at it!




Brian Chou




Location: Portland, Oregon, USA.
Telephone: please email.

Known for his enthusiasm and passion for fly fishing, FFF certified casting instructor Brian Chou comes from a background of guiding and teaching. Brian has inspired countless students to pursue the evolving sport of fly fishing, and his technical understanding and ability to articulate the theory of fly line and rod design has made him a mainstay at industry events throughout the Northwest. A respected industry consultant, photographer and creative fly tier, Brian's patterns are used worldwide. From the Yukon Territories through Central America, his drive to catch different species of fish is preceded only by his sense of adventure. Residing in Portland, OR with his wife/fishing partner Dawn, their baby daughter and dog, Bulkley, he spends his available fishing time swinging flies for steelhead and chasing roosters in Mexico.


Ben Dow


I met Ben when he was 12 years old as his father hired our service to guide him. Ben is now 33 years old and although he does still fish for trout with a single hander, his first love is the two hander and he is a tactition about the nuances and techniques in making the perfect cast.

He has a great ability to disect your stroke and give you 'the heads up' on how to make it better!



Todd Moen



Todd is at the top of his game in the world of Fly Fishing Videography. His work is superb. Todd is one of the two principals at Catch Magazine. One only has to log into and click on one of his T-Motion videos to see that his work is 'over the top'.


Eric Neufeld


Raised in Denver Colorado where chasing trout and warm water species became an all the time focus. Attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and worked full time at the local fly shop. The love for rod building, commercial fly tying and guiding soon became a profession. After finishing up college the passion for fly fishing became a full time job guiding in Alaska for Alaska West (SW Alaska), Mission Lodge (Bristol Bay), Sandy River Lodge (Alaska Peninsula) and South America for 5 years. Working with gifted guides in Alaska helped fuel the addiction of catching anadromous fishing with a 2 Handed rod. In between the Alaska / South America guide seasons where spent living out of the back of his truck in British Columbia catching a few steelhead.
Currently Eric is the sales rep in the northwest for Simms Fishing Products, Airflo Fly Lines, ECHO Rods, Winston Rods and Idylwilde Fly Co. When not behind his computer or steering wheel fishing is always on the brain.



Jack Mitchell


Owner of The Evening Hatch with 1/4 century of taking people fishing. The operation started with a 2 wheel drive Toyota pickup and an Achilles raft that was purchased with the sale of some baseball cards and now facilitates over 1000 guided trips a year featuring two post and beam lodges, a brick and mortar retail shop as well as an online store.

An avid angler with a nuts and bolts approach to fishing the fly, Jack is known to be a bit enthusiastic in his approach! His ability to read water is top notch and his rod handling skills, both single and two hand are incredibly efficient.

His fishing trails have led him to Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and South America. In Chile, he explored many watersheds that until a few years ago had hardly ever been fished. Jack guided in South America for a total of 7 winters. He started the credited fly fishing class at CWU in 1994. The class is still ongoing and very popular. He has spoke on the topic of fly fishing at sport shows, clubs and seminars.


Jeff Cottrell

Jeff has been around the fly fishing game for a LONG time. With over 28 years in the Industry participating in all dimensions of operation from 17 years in Tierra Del Fuego, 7 years in the Kola Peninsula as a guide to 8 years in Colorado guiding on the famed waters to owning a Fly Shop and to now managing both Black Bear Lodge and The Steelhead Ranch, Jeff is a seasoned veteran. Aside from all of that, he has raised more Klick Steelies on a dry fly than anyone I know!



Garry Sandstrom



Garry Sandstrom has fly fished for 47 years and caught his first steelhead on a fly at the age of 15. He owned and operated the Morning Hatch Fly Shop for 25 years. In 2008 he designed the Ambush Triangle Taper series of fly lines for single hand and double hand spey casting. He is now the NW sales rep for Hardy/Greys, SA/Ross, CF Burkheimer, Waterworks-Lamson, Royal Wulff Products, Wheatley, Guideline Sunglasses and Dr. Slick.

About the Klickitat - The headwaters of the Klickitat river originate on the slopes of Mount Adams. The topographic map shows an incredible myriad of small streams combining to form this glacial waterway and the river is home to a strong Fall Chinook and Summer Steelhead run. The landscape is unique and predominantly a combination of scrub oak, pine trees and cottonwood. The watershed is home to a large population of deer, turkey, cougar and elk.

The drainage is quite steep and in fact some of the lower portions of the river are not navigable due to class 5+ falls. The river tumbles into the Columbia approximately 120 miles from the salt and this can equate to some rather 'hot' summer run steelhead. The Klickitat river's wild strain of steelhead are strong and unpredictable. Typically in the 8-12 pound class with fish as large as 18-20 pounds caught occasionally. The wild summer steelhead runs enter the river anywhere from June until November. In addition to the wild steelhead, the hatchery steelhead that inhabit the Klickitat are of the Skamania strain. We like to say...'What is the first clue that you know you are on the Klickitat river? Answer, 'You just got your A_ _ handed to you!'

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