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TOUGH CONDITIONS  currently on the Klickitat with minimal visibility if any at all.  Prior to the heat wave we manged to have some great fishing.   There are definitely fish throughout the system, both Steelhead and Chinook.  We will keep you posted here in our new blog report format as conditions change.

Some of our favorite fly choices recently are shown below here…

Here are some recent fish catching videos prior to the river going off color….


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The entire river seems
to be fishing good. Or nmbers have been coming from the nymph. The dry fly
fishing has been ‘OK’. Currently the PMD’s, Caddis and Yellow Sallies have been
the main fair for the aqautic bugs and Ants and Beetles for the Terrestrials.

Hoppers and Summer
Stones are just arond the corner…The hopper/dropper combo is a good bet
soon…I know we have displayed this PDF before, but this shows a very
effective way to tie your dropper tag line to the fly….