Christopher Emerson AKA ‘CJ’

It all started at age nine when his Dad handed him a UPS fresh Cabelas kit rod. From then on, his bike was the Ford and the SF Snoqualmie was the Madison. Resident Coastal Cutthroat taught him all the basic stream skills anyone just had to know and growing up on the Northwest’s native trout couldn’t have been any more nostalgic. Every beaver pond and trickle in the Upper Snoqualmie Valley was explored, and a thirst for adventure was ignited. At sixteen he got his ford, and it was game on. He explored the stillwater scene heavily on waters like Lenice, Nunnally, and the famous Seeps and with his old man’s boat in tow explored and learned Eastern Washington’s reservoirs with Smallmouth in mind. Banks, Potholes, and Lake Roosevelt have been good. Beach fishing sparked an interest and the Puget Sound became and still is one of his favorite fisheries. His favorite trout’s anadromous form was the target more often than not, and many wonderful days have been spent on the salt, including a good number on the state’s north coast, Neah Bay, targeting migrating Coho and Black Bass on the fly.

CJ is a Coast Gaurd Rated Captain and a licensed Washington guide. We call him The Predator. He is second in command at Black Bear Lodge for big wild rainbows, he is a senior guide, he helps you catch ‘Steel’ with ease on any of the many rivers we chase chrome, a Yakima expert and he is always positive….

Favorite Two hander-Vt2 8139
Favorite One Hander-RPL 590
Favorite WA Waters- Anything draining into the greater Columbia Basin….Olympic Peninsula
Favorite Water outside WA-Western MT…..YNP
Favorite One Liner- Steelhead are where ya find em……so go find one!