Methow River Fishing

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The Methow and its tributaries drain the east slope of North Cascades. The river and the basin tributaries are all freestone. During low water years the hot months can be a bit tough due to water temps, but the fringe months are certainly worthy.

Adjacent basins to the West ( the Stehekin and Wenatchee river basin) are the other major drainage for the East slope of the North Cascades. All three of the aforementioned rivers and their tributaries are freestone in nature and therefore the flows in these systems are based strictly on snow pack and precipitation. There is minimal dam influence on these watersheds. The Methow basin originates in an alpine wilderness and terminates in the desert like sage brush landscape where the river enters the Columbia river.

Ample wildlife is part of the landscape, where both Mule deer and Whitetail deer are incredibly plentiful. The basin is one of the major thoroughfares for the Mule deer herd migration during the Fall. The black bear and cougar population is also quite strong. The Methow river flows through Okanagon county which has a total population of approximately 40,000. The river is home to resident Cutthroat, Rainbow, Bulltrout and Whitefish. In addition to the resident fish population, anadramous runs of Chinook and Steelhead are significant. Methow river trout fishing can be great July – September. Steelhead fishing in October and later is based on whether the State opens the river for steelhead. This river is listed as a closed river unless there is an “emergency opening”. We do however fish the Methow regularly for trout July-September and look forward to showing you this beautiful watershed.

What is the first clue you are on the Methow river in October “You never know what your going to catch!”