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I have been a bit lazy when it comes to reports.  Will try to be a little more current as this new year progresses.  Honestly, we haven’t been on the water much….Kind of nice. Mid December until mid January is usually slow, understandably.  Just around the corner,  we are going to be REAL BUSY:)


Pre spawn rainbows are at their peak prior to the ritual and as with any western stream, The Yakima and Upper Columbia are no exception.

Healthy hungry fish with limited food sources due to the colder temperatures can make for some great fishing.

The Yakima

Like a broken record for 25 plus years – Some GREAT  fishing from now until April.  Quite frankly, assuming February is not arctic weather, Feb can be amazing.

If you feel like swinging the fly on the Yakima with little two handers, give us a jingle as we have been tuned into that game since 1994:) In addition, the nymphing can be automatic:))


The Upper Columbia 

One word,  Swingtastic:))


 The Olympic Peninsula

The 2019 season is just kicking into gear  for us…   If you are learning about the two hander it is very important to have a balanced rod.   Recently I read a synopsis by Rober Meiser on balancing  your equipment… The following probably is the best written analysis I have seen;



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Fishing at this time of year can be good.  We have been promoting this time of year, ‘Kinda like a broken record’ since ’92,  when they opened the river up year round.   Overall the promotions really haven’t worked because the river is for the most part empty:)  Maybe that is a good thing.

Water temps   36-40 depending on time and one
Water clarity   6-8 feet

To learn more 



Some hatchery fish and a few wild fish showing up here and there.  We have not been on the water chasing steelhead much at all recently, but we will be soon!

For our Fish and Stay availability starting Feb 7 – link here

Our day trips are available now until April 15



Some reasonable streamer fishing recently ….  Big Streamers and a variety of sink rates based on depth and flow.

Water temps are 38-40 degress
Clarity is 8-10 feet

Take advantage of our early season SPECIAL.  Also we have a few prime time Drake dates and Fall dates left:)))






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The last day of the season on the Klickitat was ‘kinda magical’ especially for a year that dealt a tough hand.  Maybe the fish knew it was their last day to bit an artificial?  I don’t know why but they were happy:))

Best fly – The Blue Fox

Thanks to all who fished with us. Looking forward to next year.
Thanks to our great crews.
Thanks to Carl at the Canyon Market for all the help:)
After all the years on the water (rivers) The Klickitat remains one of my favorites.



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The Yakima is low and clear throughout.  Not much dry fly fishing to be had from now until the end of February.  however it is possible to find a little pod of fish here and there on Midges or Blue Wings.

Predominant techniques include

1) Indicator fishing with double nymph rigs – combos to include:
Streamer and a #14-18 nymph behind it
Stonefly and #14-18 nymph behind it
#14-16 attractor nymph with a #18 nymph behind it

Favorite nymphs at this time of year
Green Rock Worm, Prince, Brassie, Pats Stone, San Juan Worms

2) Retrieving  streamers –  Sometimes a weighted streamer behind a 10 foot Flouro leader is perfect.  Remember the Yakima is on average 3 feet deep.

3) Swinging streamers
What line to use depends on depth and flow …. Suggestions – Standard short Skagit, Rage, Dual density lines

Favorite Streamers –
Sculpzilla, Sparkle minnows, Dali Llama, JJ Buggers, Wooley Bugger



Reasonable fishing over the past week for both Steelhead and Coh.  The pressure is LIGHT and the water is beautiful.



The dry fly fishing is limited to finding an isolated pod of fish on midges or the like.  Best technique would be to fish the fly on the swing…

Fly Choices include Sulpzilla, Zonkers, Catchalls, JJ buggers


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Fishing has been GREAT .  End of Story.  Nymphing has been goooood with some reasonable isolated dry fly pockets and streamer action.

Blue Wings #18-20
Mohagany Duns #16-18
Fall Cahill # 16
October Caddis #10


Working for all the fish but there certainly are some dandies.  Both the swing and nymph have produced. In addition we have actually hooked a couple on retrieved flies.

The go to fly sub surface has been the  Blue Fox

Line types have varied depending on depth and flow. Everything from Standard Skagit and  T-8 to a FIST line with T-11…..  Some dry line fishing has been part of the picture as well.  Favorite fly besides a Steelhead Caddis on the dry line has been The Green Butt Marabou




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Good to great fishing lately….. End of Story.
Bugs of the day  — Blue Wing Olives, Blue Wing Olives & Blue Wing Olives:)
There are a few October Caddis left as well as Craneflies.  In addition the Whitefish spawn is happening.  Refer to the last report re: tactics for the spawn.


Well, sporadic would be the story.  We have touched fish with the nymph (Bead), the fly swung just under the surface (Steelhead Caddis) and swung deep (Blue Fox Fly) utilizing multi density lines.  However, no real pattern can be determined and consistency is certainly not part of the pattern.






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Good fishing on the Yakima…..

Tactics include… Dry flies, Streamers, Swinging, Bobber nymphing and Euro nymphing…

Best flies lately….

Purple Haze #16
PMX  October Caddis # 12
The Big Daddy Cranely #10

Resolute Commercial Group

Joe and Rich



Multiple techniques used to target the trout.  Not one thing being the ticket.  Weather has been a bit abrupt.  Bugs include Baetis and October Caddis.

Both images from the deck @ Black Bear

Amadon Crew!



Sporadic but reasonable fishing……Both the Swung fly and nymph have produced.

Jodie Davis with a hatchery buck:))

This above image is a bit of an oxymoron:))

Dinner Bonanza by Stan our Chef!

Alan and Rusty with a wild one


Oct 4 2018 Report

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Short and sweet…. Good fishing throughout…a few highlights below:)) Sorry for the brevity.


The above fish was caught on Thompson River Caddis Skated.  Fly line was a Nexcast Fall Favorite 45.

The above fish was caught on the Blue Fox fly …. Skagit intermediate with T-11 as a tip.

The above fish was caught on a Klickinator (Really a Silvinator)- Black with a Chartruese Cone …. Skagit intermediate with T-11 as a tip.


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PDG  (Pretty Dang Good)  in specific zones.

Bugs of the day

October Caddis # 10
Crane flies #10
Baetis here and there #18
Tan #16 Caddis

The Lower Canyon has some isolated dry fly fishing but the nymphing continues to be the mainstay.

The Farmlands have supported action on the dry fly, nymph and streamer.

The Upper Canyon is a mystery to us as we have not been in this part of the river much lately.

The Upper Flatlands has been similar to the Farmlands in approach —   Mix in a few spawning Salmon for food source as well.  There are significantly fewer numbers of Salmon this year and therefore the egg game will be less productive but most likely worthy in a few ones.

The Upper Proper  – Certainly worthy with similar approach as the Farmlands and Flatlands.


Sporadic but worthy….  Great river conditions.  Water clarity is 4-5 feet.  Water temps have dropped recently.  Will post the actual temp here shortly.

For Swinging our approach has been deep or on the surface.

Some days have been TOUGH with the swung fly and the nymph.

More to follow.



Every day is different at 90K CFS but overall the river has fished good  this fall.  Predominant and standard trout tactics apply here  Dry Flies, Nymphs and Streamers