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"Jack Mitchell built THE STEELHEAD RANCH on a plateau above the valley of Washington's Klickitat River. The beautiful home is both lodge and the centerpiece in a complex of new buildings for clients and guides. Unique among non-wilderness lodges, their superb guides are on site 24/7. And they find steelhead; angler success is astonishingly high. Accommodations are brochure standard, but here fly fishermen live large with new friends. I don't know of another steelhead river served so well. See you there!"

Trey Comb



My brother and I just got back from yet another great fishing trip on the upper Columbia. What a great trip from start to finish!! From Jeff's hospitality, amazing cooking and can do attitude to CJs hard work, knowledge, and ability to get us on the Big Bows. Your lodge is a 5 star set up, I didn't want to leave. When we showed up Jeff hooked me up with the big screen and a tasty sandwich so I could watch my football game.
We have been fishing with you for 17 years and the reason we keep coming back multiple times a year, is cause you deliver a world class trip. The Klickitat Steelhead Ranch trips are none stop chromers, Black Bear lodge on the Upper Columbia with huge rainbows, quick one day shots on the Yakima, and this spring on the Quinault, for world class steelhead, Spey fishing. We have seen you grow from one boat to the first class operation you have now. The guides you send us with when you can't make it are always hard working and get us on fish. Thank you Jack, we don't get to fish as much as we would like with running businesses and raising families, so when we do get that chance, you go beyond any of our expectations to make sure we have an adventure each and every time! You should be very proud of your staff and your self; you all make our time with you so very special.

Please excuse any typos, sent from my IPhone

Dr. Jason Schroeder D.C.
NCW Spinal Relief Center

Schroeder Chiropractic Clinic


RE: Klickitat Two Hander Day

This was one of the best events I have been a part of in a long time. It was nice to see old friends and make new ones. Jack, thank you for your hospitality and sharing your home with us we need to go fishing soon.

Brian Styskal

Nextcast products, Rep
Burkheimer rods, Pro-staff
Hatch reels, Pro-staff


Thanks for the great trip to the Klickitat. Unforgettable!
Please put us down for fishing Tues and Wed October 6 and 7, 2015. Will that work for you? Looking forward to seeing the photos!
The tug is the drug!

Rick and Anne Matsen



Hey Jack,
Thanks for a great time on Upper Columbia. Everyone had a great time. Your staff was outstanding. I especially want to say Rial did a great job.

Hope to fish with you soon.

Fish long and prosper,




Just a note to tell you we were very pleased with our fishing trip yesterday. Bo was a great driver and he worked his tail off to put us where the fish were...that we didn't land the big one isn't his fault.

We'd like to return again this fall when the colors change and do another day trip. I know you are busy and I hope you can find a spot for us when the fishing is good and the colors have changed.

Thanks for a great day,

Jerry Wilcox



I just stayed with you Friday night and had a great day fishing with Russ. First, I want to thank you for a great experience!

Our three key guests all had their first trip on the Klickitat. The two guys who fished with Bo are experienced fly fishermen and both landed two fish each. Our third guy never fly fished before and he landed two, one was a big native buck!

A great success all around!

You and I spoke about bringing my sons coming up for a trip. I found that we are free the last weekend in September, the 26th, 27th Friday night stay and Saturday fishing.

I'm hoping you have room for us? There would be four all told and if there is more room I might try and wrangle another couple of people.

The four would be me, my 12 year old, my 16 year old and my wife.

Let me know and thanks to you, you're wife and the crew!

John Herrmann


Hi Jack,

Hope this finds you doing well! My family, for my 60th birthday, arranged for a trip down the Yakima with a guide from the Evening Hatch. Kevin was our guide and he had to contend with me (a grizzled veteran fly fisherman) along with my daughter and son in law (total newbies). We all had an awesome time, and I credit Kevin with a lot of that. Wanted to take a moment to let you know you have a good one with that guy!

All the best,




Hi Jack,

Thanks again for the trip, we had a blast! Our clients had a great time too and caught their first steelhead ever. We look forward to coming back. Great time, wonderful ranch, great river, guides are awesome, people are awesome. We’ll be back!

Jason Jensen | Gateway Construction
t: 206.621.9111 x.109 | c: 206.919.3930 | e: jasonj@gateway-ti.com
Main Office | 5602 2nd Ave S | Seattle, WA 98108



I must compliment you on another fine trip this past week. Your guides Bo and Chris did a great job and worked hard for us. It was my sons first trip for steelhead and salmon on the fly and we hooked plenty. We had a lot of fun. Jeff did a great job handling camp duties. I'm sending some photos out to my friends and hopefully it will help you with some bookings in the future. I'm sending The Sacia boys a special package since they didnt come this year??

Thanks again

Chuck Patchin



Just a little report on our 2 day stay at Black Bear Lodge. The Lodge was just great, clean and real homey with the great food by Laramie who can really cook. I have been in the food business myself years ago and she did a very professional job. She a neat person....a real plus for the stay.
Guides CJ and Rial.

Rial..... know's how to make you relax and enjoy the float, coaches very well and was a delight to be around. He makes the extra effort to make things happen, not afraid to change fly's when it's slow.

CJ..... a real asset to your staff. I have been fly fishing with guides sense the early 1970's...I gage him to be one of the best I ever had. For being only 22 years of age, he's sure knows the water and coaches very very well to get the best out of you. We like guides that are not lazy and have great idea's on how to catch fish.

I brought my son and son in law for their first fly fishing experience with a guide. They can't wait to go back. My brother just smiled and because he only lives 45 miles away in Chewelah he made the statement "We found a new fishing spot"

Looking forward to next year...... probably more of us to book....it was one of the best times we had. Thanks to your staff.... Jack, you told me that these fish were strong and big like in the photo's you sent to me... Wow, so true, Some of the best looking trout that I have ever caught for sure. Thanks again and see you next year.

Best Regards,

George Puthoff



Jack, Thank you for the nice email on Monday thanking us for fishing with the EH this last weekend on the Upper Columbia.

I want to thank you and your guides for an incredible time fishing and exploring the area. The women all had one of the best, if not the best, guided fly fishing experiences of their fishing lives! CJ, Reil, and Justin were fantastic. They were very professional, helpful, caring, fun, and knowledgable. Plus, all three were great boatmen.

I was concerned after the first day of fishing that some of the women might be discouraged as the fishing had been slow, and it was hard work to fish a fly in the complex and totally unfamiliar water. But, the women were so excited about their day on the river. They gave glowing reports of their guides, the day fishing, and they shared photos of some incredible fish. I couldn't have been more pleased. The two days fishing for us were the kind of days that stand out in a fly fishers memory for a very long time. Your guys are good.

On Sunday, I had the chance to fish the Kettle with CJ. I threw streamers all day and had a blast. CJ is great, and as I'm sure you know, he has an unbridled enthusiasm when it comes to fishing. What a joy for me.

We were 5 women, as we could not fill the seat of our gal that dropped out. You had mentioned that you would give us a credit of a guided day. That was very generous of you, and if that offer stands, I would love to fish the Yakima this Feb or March with CJ. After such a great weekend, I would be willing to forgo the credit and pay for the day.

Thanks again Jack. We will return!



Hi Jack,

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience at the Black Bear Lodge. John Kritsonis and I will remember the beauty and great fishing for many years to come. Your guys were awesome, especially to me that had not fly fished before. Oh and the food was great as well!!

I also want to thank you for the hat, I am getting interest in your services from people who see it.

I have been hooked on fly fishing and am getting geared up for my first solo days.

I am looking forward to going on one of your other trips one day when I can.

Keep up the great work!!!

John Perez

S R Company, Inc.

17725 NE 65th St.

Suite A 135

Redmond, WA 98052




The trip to the UC was incredible! The water, the views, the lodge itself, and the fishing was just amazing!

I have fished with guides from here to the Texas coast and I want to commend CJ. He shows experience well beyond 21yrs, and is a great guy to boot.

I caught rainbows, cutts, bulls, and one brooktrout! The island is an amazing place!

My friend and I had plans to fish Montana this fall, but have reconsidered. We now plan to come back to the UC and hit it again. We plan to fish for three days, two on the UC and one as a walk in on the Kettle. We discussed this with CJ, and will follow through as soon as possible for a trip in Sept.

Thanks Jack, Brad Cheek



Oct 2012 - Klickitat

My thanks to you and all your crew for another wonderful time at the Steelhead Ranch. You are fantastic hosts and your guides are always professional and courteous. You make coming back easy! The whole package is 'top cabin'. We’ll see if we can put together a trip to the Upper Columbia in 2013. Best wishes to you and your family over the holidays.

Sincerely, Bob



Sept 2012 - Klickitat

Hey Jack,
Pretty much magical. I feel like I opened up a whole new window in fishing. Never thought Speying could be so much work, and so much fun. By the middle of day two it was only so much fun. Couldn't wait to get out at each spot and figure out how I was going to work the line, and to see the seams and tail-outs and figure how to work the drifts. Way cool. See you in November

Cheers, Pierce Scranton,



August 2012 - Upper Columbia

Dear Jack
Thanks for the great pix and great memories. We can’t wait to revisit the 'BEAR'. See you on the Klick.
Anne says ‘Hi and Thanks for being a Friend”
Rick - Peace out trout.



July 2012 - Upper Columbia

Hi Jack,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know everyone had a great time.. We were pretty much the only folks on the river, which was great..
Derek and Bo were fantastic, and we already talked about steelhead.. Anyway, always a good time with the guys from the hatch...



May 2012 - Upper Columbia River

Howdy Jack,

Thanks so much for the follow up email. My dad and I had an absolute great time. We both felt like this was one of the best trips we had ever taken. The fishing was great, the lodge was very comfortable and our guide CJ was the best. On that note, I would like to confirm our new dates to fish on the UC in September. I will drive up on the 4th fish on the 5th and 6th and depart on the 7th

Klaus Wiemer



Yaklma River

Morning Jack!

A terrific time with Kevin S.....a fine young man and excellent river-man! Focused, hard-working, terrific company......we killed them on Monday....Sunday was windy as hell.....a real test for the boatman.....he gave us every opportunity to score in the upper river......my only complaint is he focused on my son more then me....heh heh....just kidding Kev! Seriously, I am picky, as you know Jack...rarely take a guide.....would use Kevin again in a heart-beat! Advise 'package deal' for 2 days on the Klickitat? Same timing......Sunday/Monday.

There he is!!!!

Mike D.



June 2012 - Kettle River

Awesome trip on the Kettle. I cannot believe how many fish and how many quality fish we caught. As always, the guides were tremendous. C.J. and Bo were excellent! Everybody had a fantastic time. What a secret gem the Kettle river is. We did not see another fisherman all day. Cant wait to fish it again.

When John and I go to the Klickitat in November, we would love to have CJ as our guide, if possible. Bo would be great as well.

Thanks again,

John Hatheway MD



Yakima river March 2012

Thanks Jack. We had a great time on the water and were very impressed with Derek's knowledge and ability to put us on the fish. We will request him the next time we go, and look forward to more outings in the future.

Joe Grim



Yakima river March 2012


I didn't find a place for customer feedback on your website so let me just say CJ is awesome. It certainly didn't hurt him any that the fish were on yesterday, but regardless yesterday's float was by far one of my best guided experiences. I would imagine that CJ gets his fair share of accolades but I wanted to be sure that everyone at the Evening Hatch knows that we more than appreciated his knowledge, demeanor, and skill with both rod and boat.

Please feel free to pass this onto all, including CJ, and most importantly make sure he knows to send yesterday's photos back my way. I am dying to see those fatties that we landed! ;
Matt Brown




Upper Columbia river March 2012


Megan and I had a great time. The lodge is awesome! Your staff is superb! The hospitalty was excellent. C.J. is a great guide. He had amazing patience and taught us a great deal about how to fish the Upper Columbia.

I would like to potentially bring my family back in the Summer or Fall and possibly fish the Kettle as well. In your opinion, what is the best time?

Looking foward to fishing the Klickitat in October as well.
Thaks again and talk to you soon.

John Hatheway



Upper Columbia river March 2012

Jack, I had a wonderful trip. I appreciate your great skill as a guide, you can really read the river and the lodge is by far the best on the UC.
Thanks for a great trip, Tony Pechthalt




Olympic Peninsula March 2012

HI Jack,

I was going to send the photos, but I see you've already got them. True fish porn. CJ lived up to expectations. Great people skills and predatory in finding fish. If you don't hook up, its not because he didn't get you in the right spot.

Garth and my first shot at winter Steelheading. In two days a total of 19 hook ups with 16 brought to net. Garth's first was so big CJ tried three times to get it into the net, at which point it finally broke off. The second fish was a big wild buck of mine that was even bigger than Garth's, so in spite of all the flopping around and another three tries, CJ finally netted the slab. As you know, holding their head down in the water makes for better survival, but not as great a photo shot. However, the next day a smaller slab hatchery buck of about 15#s obliged me and this one I elevated for a beauty shot before letting it go. If fishing is what you like, these are the things dreams are made of.

Oh, I almost forgot, how ridiculous is it, having a "double" on of winter steelehead????

The Wynoochee was an amazing river. Pretty wild, and by the end of the second day Garth and I and I'm sure CJ to were pretty beat up. I can't imaging doing three straight days of winter steelheading. Between fighting the cold, the snow, and the rain it was otherwise one of the more memorable trips ever!

Pierce Scranton






Sept, 2011

Fly Fishing the September Heat Wave

It was mid-September on the Upper Columbia and the sun was blazing, raising the mercury into the high nineties. That combined with a full moon was not a recipe for fly fishing success. With the odds stacked against us ( me and my partner, Pat Burdick of the renowned Lenore Tally Ho Club), Evening Hatch guides, CJ Emerson and Rory Oconnor adapted and came up with a winning formula. We would get on the river at dawn, fish until noon, take a four-hour lunch break and hit the river again until dark.

It was dry flies in the skinny water close to the bank at dawn and again at dusk. The rest of the time we fished size 16 brassies under indicators, and swung wet flies in the seams and riffles. The winning dry flies were Chernobyl ants and big beetle patterns. Picture 20-22-inch rainbows detonating your dry fly. The explosion can be so startling you can’t help but jerk the fly away.

The Upper Columbia, as you can imagine, is big water. The fish density is not high. You have to hunt for the fish, and you have to know where to look. Our guide, CJ Emerson knew how to read the river, and he rowed his tail off for hours keeping the 18-foot jet sled in position to work the seams and foam pockets. The first afternoon he saw something that riveted his attention like a bird dog on point, something our untutored eyes totally missed. The water had come up a notch from the mid-day heat, pushing some of the extra water into a back bay. Normally that bay would be dead water, but now seams and vortexes and foam pockets were forming at its leading edge. We rigged up with brassies and began fishing along this complex interface, with CJ rowing and calling instructions: “Cast into that foam pocket right there.” “Drop one right into that little eddy.”

We worked that water for an hour or so, taking a half-dozen amazing fish, a 6-pound rainbow, a 4-pound cutthroat, etc., very good fishing for a hot, bright summer day after a full moon. That’s the Upper Columbia for you. The fish are so amazing one or two can make your day. A half-dozen adds up to an experience you’ll never forget, and never match anywhere else in the lower 48.

If you haven’t gone, you should. The new Evening Hatch lodge is first rate with bunks that look right down on the river. This is not a cramped cabin, rather a spacious lodge with high ceilings all trimmed in gorgeous knotty juniper. And you won’t find better guides anywhere. They are tireless. And they know fly fishing and they know the river. It’s a winning combination, even during a September heat wave and a full moon.

Keith Stamm


Sept, 2011

AMAZING time at 'THE STEELHEAD RANCH' with Jack and Jen, of the Evening Hatch! Thanks for generosity and a wonderful time this Labor Day weekend ~ Special thanks go out to Travis, our guide...your patience, good humor and expertise got us 'Big Steel' and we loved every minute of it.

Julie Brie and John Coulon


Here is recent testimonial to the Upper Columbia and Saracione Reels



Just sent some photos of a great day that Neal S and I had on the upper Yak with Keith-as usual a fantastic day with evening hatch guides! I had tied the day into a business trip in Yakima-made the trip worth totally it. Keith was awesome and got us on hogs that made my week/month. We're already planning days in august and September for another urgent "business meeting" east of the mountains! Please forward my thanks and the pics to Keith-I don't have his email. See you then Dave


June 2011


Thanks for the great time on the Upper Skagit yesterday! Rory was great, nice weather, hell--the fish even cooperated a little :) Rory asked us to shoot you some photos as his camera died early on. Thanks again, we'll be fishing with you & your crew again soon.

Our best wishes to you and your family on/around August 9th Gramps!
Nate and Kirsten


May 2011

Thanks, Jack,
Liv and I really had a good time, and as we warmed up afterward it seemed better and better. CJ did a very good job. He knows the water well, is good on the oars, works really hard, and most importantly, is totally positive about everything. I would enjoy fishing with him again.
Thanks for the photos, too.


April 2011 - Jack & Jennifer,

Wonderful day spent with you introducing Jim and I to the Upper Columbia drainage, couldn’t have been better. I
will speak highly of your professionalism, and thorough knowledge of fly fishing….Wonderful Day Jack.
Much thanks.



March 2011 - Hey Jack,
I had sent this to your other email first. It was so good seeing you on Monday. Thanks for the hug that really made me feel good, your a good man. We had a great time and Rory was just excellent, what a good guy! Mary Anne had a wonderful time. Not a problem either about lunch, so don’t worry about that. Here some pictures I took. I’ll see you at the ranch in Oct if not before. Thanks again for making a great day for both of us.
David Bell


April 2011 - Hey Jack,

I had a great time yesterday! Thanks so much for teaching me some nymphing tricks, and for getting us on some great fish. I am having a bit of a hard time back in the office today. Would much rather be on the water!

I will most definitely let you know if we decide to come up for a steelhead trip with you guys, or if I plan on being up that way to just check out the Klickitat. I had to go and revisit the photo page on your website, and my steelhead fever rose up a few notches! Beautiful fish, and gorgeous water. Can't wait to get back out.

Thanks Again!


Matthew Gulbranson




April 2011 - Jack,

I just wanted to tell you that I had a great trip on my floats on the Yak this past weekend. My guide, Kevin was excellent. He seemed to know every drop off, back eddy, and riffle in the river and was aggressive in his rowing so that we were able to cover all potential areas for fish. Even though I had somewhat trying conditions with strong wind and high water I was able to take numerous fish including some on drys and some of large size. I have had many guides in many locations across the US and Kevin really is one of the best I have encountered.

I have already emailed my fly fishing "group" about your steelhead opportunity in WA and hope that we can come out for that.
Again, thanks for the great trip





April 2011 - Jack,

Yesterday was one of the those experiences that my Mother called "precious moments! She would say-In your life, there are a small number of these moments so when they happen-celebrate and remember them because these are the experiences you carry for along time. Jack you were a "perfect guide" yesterday, you have a "magical personality", and you are one of the best fly fishing guides on the planet. You have such a wonderful way with people and nature-thanks!

Matt your were a "perfect new fishing buddy" with your thoughtful personality and fantastic skills with the " single patch!" I can see many wonderful fishing times ahead with you and I, which I count that as an incredible blessing! Thanks for a wonderful time in the car, boat and all the "little times" before the trip. I think you will be an incredible influence on getting me into "Steelhead Fever!"

It would be just fitting if the "the amigo's" reappeared on the Klickitat for another "storybook" day! Thanks for this incredible day guys! It was a precious day, full of incredible moments!

-Gordy PS: Thanks for naming a river bank for me! It feels great!



March 2011 - Jack,

Just wanted to pass on our thanks for our trip yesterday. The three of us had a great time, despite the lovely weather haha ! Keith was great, appreciated his patience and lighthearted attitude, kept the day relaxing even when fishing was slow or the winds picked up. Keith also mentioned you’d share the photos he took with his camera – wasn’t sure how but if email is the way feel free to email them to this address.

Thanks again!

Matt Plude



March 2011 - Hi Jack.

Just wanted to let you know I truely enjoyed my trip, CJ is a outstanding guide. We caught over 40 fish, if this is off season... bring on "in" season.

I learned alot from him and look forward to someday asking him to guide me again. The fishing was great! Here are some pictures. Feel free to use the pictures on your website.

Thank you
Peter A Prigmore
Pueblo, CO 81005

Cliff and CJ

March 2011 - Jack,
I wanted to let you know that on Thursday, February 4th Tim Skrivan and I floated Yakima river on one of your full day trips. I cannot begin to tell you what a great time we had! The weather was sunny and clear and the river seemed to be in good shape. Our guide CJ added to the great time with his knowledge of the river, and his ability to teach, coach as well as be the cheerleader. I would defiantly request him on future trips. Tim and I both caught some very nice fish including the biggest trout I have ever caught, a 19 inch bow that will make my fishing buddies cry! We felt very well taken care of and were always safe. Thank you and your staff for a wonderful day, Cliff Kendall

Tim and CJ




March 2011 - Jack,

I wanted to write to say how great a job Rory and C.J. did guiding us last Wednesday. The call to head to the Wynochee instead of the Yakima based on water conditions was indeed a good one, as we landed three steelhead that day. They both really knew what they were doing, and it was pretty obvious that Rory had fished that river since growing up. He knew every shelf.

I have one favor to ask. I caught the first steelhead of my life, and we got a picture of it. I think it was C.J.'s camera. Could you see if he could email me a copy. I would love to have it.
Thanks for a great trip. I have been a trout fisherman, but that steelhead fishing on the Klickitat sure sounds exciting.

Jon Pettit


Just to let you know, Doug and I had great trip with Rory last friday. Doug caught beautiful 24" rainbow. Brighest fish I have ever seen. Can't say enough about Rory. You have the great ability to pick and hire guides that are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Looking forward to next Oct.
Best for the holidays.
Chuck Ruhl

Greetings Rory and Jack,
Wow, what a great trip yesterday we really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to the next one assuming the weather cooperates, probably in January. I had hopes of doing a float on my own but not after seeing the chutes, I don’t want to take the chance and I will leave the driving to you. The only way I would try that is if someone were down at the bottom to pick me up as I flounder by. That section of the river is one of prettiest I have even seen and all the eagles and snow were a plus.

Have a Merry Christmas and take care,
Doug Salyer Sedro Woolley


Hi Jack,
We had a great time with Travis last Sunday. The steelhead are amazing fish, I am working on how to finagel a trip back next month. If i can figure it out I will want to go fishing again. Travis took a couple of pictures of the first fish I caught and I was wondering if you would email me one when you get a chance. That's probably the best advertising you can get ... customers sending those out to friends.




This is just a brief note to let you know what a terrific time we had on the Yakima River with Derek. It was hot and bright, and the water was a bit higher than anticipated, but Derek put us on fish throughout the day. We had a great time, and Greg Clark landed a particularly athletic rainbow that was nearly 20 inches long. Thanks again to you and Derek!


Mel Sorensen





We had a great time on the Upper Columbia as always. See you in September on the “Klick” Can’t wait to see your new set up and remodel.

John Kritsonis
Windermere Real Estate
14405 S.E. 36th Street, Suite 100
Bellevue, WA. 98006
direct: 206.498.0288
fax: 425.562.9525



Hi Jack,

I didn't meet you, but I am Chris, Mike's wife. You probably know that our son Josh is currently visiting us from San Jose, CA. They had a fantastic time with you on the Methow river

They both really appreciate the photos that you attached to this email, and now I would like to ask . . . did you take more photos? If so, could you please sendsome more? We all love seeing your great pictures of their day of adventure "in your OFFICE"!

You'll be hearing from Mike & Josh, too. Thank you SO much for sending pictures that remind them of their day with you. They both thought you both were fantastic. They both spoke very highly of you two.

Thanks again,

Chris Knutkowski


Jack, we had a very good day with Kevin. He's obviously a very good guide and a good angler. He has a nice personality as well. It's a pleasure to fish with him. We got some good fish. The big brown was the second biggest brown I've ever caught except for seatrout. BTW, may I have a copy of the photos of the brown and the redband that Kevin took. For personal use of course.

You're running a class operation Jack; I'm sorry it has taken so long for us to reconnect. We'll do more in the future from now on. Looking forward to the Klickitat.

Andy Turner




Jack, we had a great trip on the Yakima. Kevin was a super guide. He was patient with my son who had never fished before and he worked his a_ _ off. I will certainly use your service in the future and strongly recommend it to anyone who asks.

Regards, Mike




My partner and I had a fantastic time and look forward to utilizing your services once again. Keven was a fantastic sport and tolerated us with a practiced hand. Having never done anything like drift boating it was a great learning experience for us and Keven was a well of knowledge and information that he passed on readily (that is when he wasnt re-tying our gear). This is not saying we were able to consistantly utilize his direction. We definitely made him earn his money.

Thank you for a fantastic experience. Till we meet again, Happy fishing and much success.

Dave Clem





We all had a great time out in the desert! Kevin was top notch! He was like one of us which made it great experience. Plus, having someone tie on rigs all day is definitely a luxury! We pushed all the way back to Portland that night as there wasn’t any vacancy to hit the Klickitat in the morning. We will have to save it for another day.

Attached is a picture of the biggest fish I’ve ever caught on dry fly……damn pretty fish.

Thanks again!!

Patrick Humphrey
Advanced Technology Specialist
Advanced BioHealing
(503) 577-8406 Mobile
(503) 210-0224 Fax





I had a wonderful and memorable time on the Upper Columbia. I look forward to the next opportunity to return. In particular, I was impressed with your dedication and ability to put the client on the fish.

Right now, I am in Breckenridge looking forward to visting with my children and their families. Saturday, I have a slot on the South Platte reserved for me and my son. Check out Boxwood Canyon Colorado for info and pics, which I'm pretty sure you are already familiar with. Hopefully, and very hopefully, I can add one of my own.

Best regards,

Ron Seale



Thanks Jack. Keven was top notch. He was a real pleasure to be with and we just loved the Naches. Hope to make it a yearly outing. Keep me posted. I enjoy the newsletter. Best regards, Jerrold Martisak


Hi Jack-

Watching you guide on the Methow episode of 'Seasons on the Fly' brought back memories of a great day on that river fishing with you. One and only "8 steelhead day" I've had in my steelheading experience.

Jim Traner


Thanks for a great fishing trip on the Upper Columbia. We did see the new picture of Matt and I and his fish at MJ hole on your website. Matt smiled almost as big at seeing that as he did after you landed that hog. Im forwarding one of Craigs pictures that he took of you and Matt tha we have printed and will frame. Had a nice time with you and Al,thank you! Hope you get a few minutes to read that book on Columbia history. When you get a chance, I would appreciate it if you can load picturesonto a disk and send to us, I think there will be some good ones.
Address: 7803 89th PL SE Mercer Island, WA 98040
Hope the drakes have shown up! See you in September.

Erik Jensen 206-230-0248 jensenem@comcast.net


Dear Folks
Had a great time with Jason. He really knew how to put me on the big ones, teach me how to bring them to net, while keeping me hydrated and snake and tick bite free.
A great guide and a great time.
Looking forward to more pix!! And to the next trip
Rick Matsen



I just wanted to pass on to you what a fantastic time we had with Al and Keith, and the value that they added to our corporate retreat. They were excellent guides, came fully prepared and provided us with some excellent casting instruction. We actually had some novice folks catch fish in the Yakima which was a highlight for them. The professionalism with which your guides treated our group was greatly appreciated, and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Thank-you for facilitating and coordinating this event; it was truly memorable.

Simone Hrycenko | McKinstry | ph 206.832.8308



Jack & Al!
Thank you both for a remarkable experience on the Upper Columbia! Wednesday evening was magical ... learned a lot, enjoyed meeting Rob & Joe, and I love exploring a new fishery! I'll be back ... when's the next great fishing? ZOE, John cell: 425-501-9066



Hey! Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much my Dad and I enjoyed our trip down the Yakima with Derek on July 29th! What a great morning with LOTS of bites and big fish. Definitely something we will consider doing again next year. Looking forward to seeing the photos Derek took. I need some proof for the fellas at work!!!

Mike and Bill Lee



Could you have Keven email me the pic he took yesterday on the boat? We had a great time with him. He's a great guide. We'll send more people his way.

Thanks --

Matt Wickens


Dear Evening Hatch,

I added myself to the newsletter prior. Good to have guide service from EBurg. I have fished the river several times prior but always with friends running the boats or wading. Having guide service just opens up access and frequency. It is a superb river conveniently adjacent to the 206 area but of course I am preaching to the saved here. Will see you soon. Thanks again,

Shaun Murphy - Working Spaces Project
1300 114th Avenue SE, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98004
C: 206-335-9288 Fax: 425-462-7050 www.workingspaces.com

Business Furniture, Interior Finishes, Technology Services sales and installation, nationwide.



Based on our results the last day on the Big Hole, I clearly understand why you are considered “The Best” in your business. That was an amazing day of fishing in some pretty sketchy conditions. Your years on the water proved that the fish are eating even if the river is blown out….. You have successfully hooked me on the sport of fly fishing and I will be a life time supporter of “The Hatch”.

Looking forward to the “Jurassic and the Kettle”

Karl Lindor
Keystone Homes
tel 425.746.2510
dir 206.890.8227


Good morning- just wanted to drop a note to The Evening Hatch on how much we enjoyed our day on the river last Sunday our guide Jeremy’s Knowledge and obvious
love of the river was a real Treat for myself and I would not (and will) not hesitate to use your service again.


Dennis M Boyd
PACE Engineers, Inc.
1601 Second Avenue, Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98101
p. 206.441.1855 | f. 206.448.7167


Yvonne and I had a great trip last week at your steelhead ranch. I had dinner in Seattle with Frank and I understand that Matt IS high rod for that week. I saw the picture on your web site- nice !!!
Joe was very entertaining and a great guide to spend the day with. Always upbeat and friendly. Good guide characteristics.
We left about 4:30 PM . If you need any info. from me to pay the balance of my bill for those two days -please e-mail me and I will provide what you need. I wasn't sure if the flyshop still had my credit card number or not.
In any event, WE DID have a a splendid time. Thanks for the experience.....

Frank Ogden



As I mentioned on the river, this was one of the best trips I've had. You have a great set up there and the river is beautiful. Attached are a couple photos you might like.

Fish on.



Hi Jason,

Just wanted to report back that I had a great time on Saturday with Derek. Going against “popular” advise, we fished Derek’s Skwala pattern all day and had great results (for the conditions). 15 ups, 8 in the boat, and 3 LDR’s. Not a bad day considering that it got up to about 48 degrees in the first hour, then got cold in the afternoon and we got a couple of snow squalls. After the snow passed, we seemed to get the most activity of the day. All in all, a great trip. I think that Derek should get the bragging rights for Saturday in us sticking with dry files. It seemed that the “nymphomaniacs” we passed didn’t seem really happy about what was going on.

Please pass this note to Derek:


Can you write down the recipe for the Skwala pattern and send it to me at jshoup9@comcast.net (or just send me a close up picture of the fly). I’d like to try it out for early summer up here on the Au Sable and Manistee rivers here in Michigan. And… here’s some pics for the shop/website and for Derek’s mom. See you soon.


Jason and Kevin,

Thanks for the great day trip. Eric and I had a great time. I thought you might like to see these. We will see you soon.

Mike Schweitzer

What a fun trip! Thank you for hooking me into a few Steelheads, it was amazing. Have recounted the takes to my fish friends, all are a little jealous and my mind tingles when I recall the knocking of the take!

Was wondering if you could send on some pictures? Would you mind, know you’re busy and all.

Thanks again for the fun. Congratulations on the opening of the Steelhead Ranch! We forgot to sign the book, shoot, next time.



I just returned from the Upper Columbia, AKA The Jurassic, and I have to say this is THE PLACE I have been looking for since I moved to Washington nine years ago (in search of great fishing). The fish are big native rainbow and huge cutthroat trout that average 20 inches plus, with several going over five pounds. My first fish came on my second cast and after seven or more jumps and five minutes later I landed a five pound giant, the first of many. This is no BS! I had several that took me right into backing with my disc drag reel set on the verge of breaking my 2X tippet. Three days of gourmet food, great fishing, and spectacular scenery, offered by one of the truly great guides out there today. Thank you Jack for a great trip. I'll be back!

Joe Coakley



Wanted to say a big thanks for the great experience on the Upper Columbi. It exceeded by expectations all the way around…fish, food and hospitality. You’re the best!. Here is Marc Demott’s contact email for the fish sculptures. Troutcarvings@comcast.net. His pictures do not do justice to the finished product. See you on the river.




Thanks again for another wonderful trip. Arne and Dick both raved about the experience. As you probably picked up, Arne is starting late but really has developed a passion for the sport. I expect you will see him on plenty of occasions in future. On the drive back, Dick keep repeating what an amazing experience it was and how much he had learned from you and Al. Both are looking forward to framing a photo of one of those big rainbows. I told them you would be sending me a DVD of all of the photos and I’ll forward copies to them.

My only regret was not getting to fish with you but I enjoyed spending time with Al. That was the first time I’ve ever been the sole fisherman in a boat. I’m still recuperating. Give my regards to Al. See you in the fall. I’ll ask Mel to call and set up a date for the Klickitat.

Bob Chadwell




Thank you for the time off yesterday to fly fish the Yakima with my son

We discovered our guide, Keith, has six children, all under the age of
12. This may explain patience this man displayed de-tangling our lines.
We both gave Keith lots of practice in this occupation.

We tangled line because this was our first time fishing from a drift
boat - team fly fishing. And we were nymph fishing (Sam's bug with bead
head pheasant tail CDC nymph as a dropper, split shot lead to hold her
down, and a strike indicator (a set-up similar to bait chucking). This
set up does not cast like the traditional dry fly upstream approach I
prefer, but, alas, the fabled green drake hatch appears to have been
delayed on account of the high snow pack.

A good time was had by all.

Again, Thank you all,



Thanks for a great day on the water! The trip had plenty of adventure with the on again / off again weather and you kept us on fish throughout. The instruction you provided made the day even better, which was most evident in my brother-in-law's steady improvement -- he had a great experience for a first-timer! The Yakima is truly a thing of beauty and I look forward to coming back again. In the meantime I will have some new strategies for Tennessee trout and for handling my friend's boat (thanks for the rowing tips!) when I get back on my home waters.


Mark Roberts
Murfreesboro, TN



We had a wonderful time.

Thanks for the pictures, and for the precious memories Matt and I now have
of the joy and privilege we had in sharing time together in a glorious place
pursuing trout with a guide we trusted and a gentleman we admire.

Gene Studer


we had a great time and keith was terrific. I would recommend to your future clients who bring their spouses (and who may not want to fish the entire time) staying at the Orchard Inn in Yakima. The inn keepers are fishermen and they allowed me to hang my weaders and boots to dry. I can send you their info if you are interested.

Take care and best wishes,


Thanks again for a wonderful day. Ed had a grand time so i evened the balance sheet between us. I suggest you call that drift the Voyage through Sherwood Forest. See you in Montana on May 14.

Bob Chadwell


As this is the only address on your card I have taken the liberty of sending the pics here.
Thanks again for the memories!
Looking forward to getting together again Thursday!

Kip Keener
1140 Alki Ave. S.W., #204
Seattle, WA 98116
Tel 206-932-0203
Cell 206-715-7152
Fax 206-932-0203


Jack: My Dad and I recently spent 2 ½ days fishing with Joe W. on the Yakima. We had a great time and once again, caught some terrific rainbow trout. Joe is a true gentleman and an awesome guide. I wonder, however, just how many days we have to log with you guys before we get invited to that damn secret desert creek? See you next year.

James M. Ganion, Esq.
4041 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 500
Newport Beach, California 92660
TEL (949) 250-9797
FAX (949) 250-9777



Thanks again for a great and memorable day in the desert. That was really a spectacular place, and as you would say "a s--t pile of fish"! I've attached some pretty good pictures here. They came out pretty good I think. Sorry for the large file size, even in zipped format. Let me know if you were able to open them or not.

Also please send any you have as well.

Kettle was beautiful, though we had only fair fishing (and no pictures). We fished the section off the gravel section of West Kettle Road way up near the border. We did find those bouldered section you suggested, and Aaron got a 16" bow in one of those spots. We both got a bunch of 8-12" fish too. No big browns in sight. I tried spotting fish and only saw about a 14" bow, that's it. Thy must have been belly to the bottom. We tried nymphs, big dries, dredging streamers. Most action was on big atractor dries like chernobyls, stimulators, and a big ugly royal wulff.

Thanks again, and see you sometime soon.

- Tom


Good morning, Jack. I'm an angler with average fishing skills who's spent more than his fair share of time drifting down various western United States rivers with capable fishing guides, but I've never fished with a guide as capable and pleasant as Keith Wersland. Not only is he a wonderful guide, but he is also damn funny. He kept me in stitches all day. He'd be missing his life's calling if he didn't do amateur standup comedy. The guy is a hoot.

We had a great fishing day as well. The wind howled, but we were still able to throw some dries and picked up a couple nice fish. I think we netted 20 or so fish in 8 hours * a good day by anyone's standards. I'll recommend your guide service and Keith to all my friends who fish in the northwest. (I think that'll be all of two anglers.)

Keith took a couple of digital pictures of me with fish. How can I get a hold of those digital picture files?

Thank you for your help. You have a great shop and Wersland's a top notch guide. I'll be back.


Ryan Anderson

ps A good Christmas gift for Keith would be a large box of matches:-) (It's an inside joke. Ask him about it the next time you're with him.)



I am just writing to tell you about the great, fantastic, wonderful, trip I had yesterday with Keith Wersland. We floated about 20 miles of the river from near Thorp down to Ringer. My friend Lance and I were continually impressed with the efforts of Keith. Not only is he extremely funny and entertaining, but his knowledge of the river is really unbelievable. On several occassions he told one of us what was about to happen, and it happened..."about 50yds down river this is what you will see, this is what you need to do, and there will be a fish right there." Every single time there was a fish right where he said one would be. He was patient with our snags and tangles as the temperature rose into the 90s and he continued to row us around effortlessly and PUT US ON FISH!
Though I have never before been on a guided trip, I cannot imagine finding a better guide than Keith. The very next time I have the time and money to afford a trip, I will be calling Keith. He is a great asset to your staff and a wonderful guide.

Thank you for the great experience.


Pieter Salverda
Windermere Real Estate



Jack, Your presentation at Tri-Cities Fly Casters, Tuesday night was wonderful.
Your enthusiasm for the sport is contagious.
seldom do we have such an interesting program
THANKS for coming downstream to see us.

Jack Moffett
2619 Thoroughbred Way
Richland, WA 99352-8802


Hi Jack,
My son and I fished with Al on 13 April 2006. By the way, we had a great time and as you well know, Al is one hell of a guide.


Just a quick note to tell you that I had one of the greatest times of my life last Friday May 5th with "mean Al" the self proclaimed meanest guide on the Yakima. Al put me on over 100 fish, probably only hooked 40 of them and brought about 20 to the net. UNREAL! The guy really knows his stuff and was a great instructor as well. I have my own drift boat but was reluctant to go down the river (KOA TO Ringers) having never been down the Yakima. Al pointed out all the places to be careful and also showed us some great fishing spots. We were very successful Sat. and Sun.
because of all his help. In addition, the young man you have working in your shop is a gem. (Jerrod?) He was very helpful in choosing flies and even showed me a couple of new knots to tie. Great kid. Once again great experience.

Les Meredith Lk. Stevens, Wa.



Hey Jack,
Just wanted to tell you that I had one of the best times ever on a guide trip with you on the UC. As a young guide myself, it was definately cool to be guided by you. I learned a few new techniques, caught on to some of your tricks and secrets, and also I was able to relax and just fish, which doesnt happen unless Im fishing with another guide. So in all, I had a damn god time. Also, I was checking out your site yesterday and I noticed that you put up alot of photos of my dad and myself. I instantly called and told him, needless to say, he was stoked. So many big fish were landed that it was maybe getting a little ridiculous. I fished the Upper Madison last sunday and slammed em on the red cooper-wired nymph that you gave me. I tried swingin' some spots that looked to have potential, but I was using a dry line. Anyways, If you even need a report on the Madison or yellowstone, give me a call, I should be fishing a bunch!
Talk to you later,
Chris Knott



Just wanted to say thank you for the booking; even with the snow and rain we had a great trip on the Yakima. Our guide Al was one of the best we have ever had; he was very helpful, patient and extremely knowledgeable about everything. We also liked the fact he tied his own flies. His humor and kindness made the weather easy to handle. When we come out to fish the Yakima again we would love for him to be our guide.

Thanks Again,
Rick & Jami Henegan


I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how great our trip was with Al last Saturday. I was on a trip with Malyn Malquist (who booked the trip), Patrick and myself. Al was our guide. We started a bit slow as predicted by Al and exactly at 1pm things started heating up and the rainbows were out. I think we boated 35 to 40 fish and for a winter or very early spring trip that was awesome. Thanks again for a great memory.

Al didn't waste any time before insulting my knot choices and recommended that I use three different knots, however I can't seem to remember there specific applications. The knots in question are:

Turle Knot

Palomar Knot

I have found examples of how to tie these knots online but they don't seem to match what he was trying to teach us. Any advice (or diagrams!) would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Michael Webb
LightStream Communications LLC
509 290 2648


Hey Jack, Thanks for hooking us up with Jason and Dave yesterday for our trip, we did Big Horn to Red’s and had a solid day, I would say over 20 fish between the 4 of us. I was in the boat with Jason and I have to say he was awesome, totally put us on the fish and was really laid back and patient with both of us. Good dude to keep around if you want my opinion.

So thanks again, if you get the photos off of the camera he had I would like to see them, or I can grab them once you post them to your site.




Just wanted the say thank you for the great trip yesterday. Lee and I were thoroughly fished out as we realized on the way back to Benton City. We're both moving kind of slow today. We definitely want to plan another trip. I too agree with you, and would like to get in some serious dry fly fishing. Could you take a moment to list some of the times you would suggest harassing trout, white fish, and sticks?

We talked about inflatable drift boats and you verbally listed off some manufactures and couple of them you sell. Would also, take another moment to list a few of boats you would recommend?

Anyway thanks again and tight lines.

Jerry Smith
Sr. QA Engineer
Ph 509-547-7724
Fx 509-547-7371
Email jerry.smith@parsons.com



Fun day of fishing last week! Hope that you enjoyed Christmas!

I would like to schedule both Thursday 1-5-06 and Thursday 1-12-06 with you for fishing. Craig will be with me for the first trip.

Peter Maunsell


Hi Jack,

Wanted to thank you for an exceptionally fun day fishing. The fishing was good, the instruction was even better. I had a blast, and learned a ton!

I noticed when I got home that I left my wading boots in your shop (Simms, size 10). Is it OK if I pick those up next time I come down, which hopefully will be soon.

I also had an idea to run by you that might help make winter fishing more comfortable. Seems like mostly hands and feet get cold. The feet I can help with ski socks, but the problem with the hands is unhooking fish. I don't know how you stand it, but getting your hands all wet when it is 34 degrees out is a problem. However, it is also really hard unhooking them if you can't hold them, (unless I could master your technique of having the fish spit out the hook as soon as it is netted). So I think a good solution would be those neophrene gloves I see at Fred Meyer now and again for steelhead fishermen. Seems like with those you could hold the fish, but not freeze your hands. Have you ever tried those things? Do they work?

I've got a call into your divorce lawyer to get his OK on the corporation, as soon as I hear back, I will draft the documents.


Gregory J. Lawless
6018 Seaview Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 782-9535



Hello, Keith took a couple of pictures of some nice rainbows that I caught on Saturday (Aug 20th) that I would really like to have a copy. Would you mind emailing me a copy? I really enjoyed the trip and the guide. Keith is a good guy and a great guide. Please email me more information on the Jurassic River trip. A friend and I are interested in planning a trip next year.


Dusty Deen


Over the past year my outlook on fishing has changed immensely. Starting with last years winter clinic, continuing with a float trip with my Dad, with Al as our guide, and supplemented by the information on the website and the help I receive when I stop by the shop, I have come to really enjoy river fishing.
Yesterday is just one example. The advice you gave me was rock solid. I fished with the nymph combo you suggested. The result was that I caught two large rainbows in the first area and then moved up about a mile and a half and caught three more large rainbows and two whitefish.
I have always enjoyed fishing, but have never been much good with the catching. I just wanted to send a brief message thanking you and your staff for all the success I have had this past year. In one year I have caught more fish than I have caught in all the years prior, and I am not a young man. I will certainly be recommending you and your staff to all of my friends.
Thanks for all the great guidance.
Lee Funkhouser


Jack - This is a response to a letter received today as a follow-up on a trip that my son and I took a few weeks ago with Al.  I had been planning to contact you earlier, so I'm glad to have received the letter from your staff, which has prompted me to respond now.
Some background -  I've been an avid fisherman for my entire life (56 yrs).  My fly-fishing experiences have only spanned the past decade, however, after I became bored with catching salmon and steelhead with gear.  In fact, I was a small boat salmon guide out of Port Angeles in my earlier years.  At this point, I have evolved into purely a fly fisherman, with little interest in the fisheries that I used to participate in.  Several years ago my son and I purchased a drift boat strictly for use on the Yakima River.  My business here in Seattle keeps me so busy, however, that we haven't been able to spend enough time on the river to learn the techniques and patterns to be successful on a consistent basis. Furthermore, I don't anticipate having the time in the near future to "pay the dues" necessary to acquire the knowledge.  Having been a fishing guide myself, I recognize that the client's money is very well spent.  Not because fish will be hooked and landed, but because the knowledge gained will save years of frustration.
When I called to book our trip, I specifically asked to be guided by your best "teacher".  Our guide, Al, far exceeded our expectations.  You are extremely fortunate to have a guide of Al's character and knowledge serving your clients.  As strange as it sounds, I could hardly absorb all of the information he provided regarding patterns, techniques, casting methods, river history, seasons, etc.  Weeks later, I still have recollections of his tips that I had temporarily forgotten pop into my head.
Oh, by the way, I've fished the Yakima several times since our trip with Al and have been extremely successful, both in numbers and the size of fish ( at least one fish 17"+ each trip).
Thanks, and give Al our best regards.
Bob & Brandon Winters


Oct 31, 2005


Just wanted you to know I was impressed with your open house. You are a master teacher out there in the river, I see I could learn a lot from you!
Barb and I will look forward to meeting with you later this year to discuss the Greg Stark Foundation.
Mike Stark


Oct 30, 2005


Thanks for the awesome fishing on the Klickitat Tuesday!  I look forward to future trips – Joyce will love the experience.

Please forward the pics you took when you get a chance.

See you soon.



Oct 15, 2005

What a great day on the Yak.  Al was fantastic.  Hope to see you soon.
Dan Nehls
"Trust Your Guide"


Sept 25, 2005

Jack: I wanted to say thank you to you and your guides for providing a spectacular fly fishing experience last weekend. My father and I only fish together once a year, and it’s typically in Montana. Never thought much of the Yakima… until now. Unbelievable all the way around. On the last day, with the takeout in view, and as I was hauling in my fourth cut from the same bucket (all four were in the 19-20 (and 20+!!!!!!!) inch range) in the span of just 25 minutes, we all knew that what had just happened was truly extraordinary. The only way to describe it for me was “Montana has nothing on the Yakima.”

Joe was really fun to fish with, and to watch fish. I gave him my rod twice in order to get into areas that I could not- both times he cast the line only once, and nailed a photo worthy trout each time. I hope he sticks around after college, as he is a real asset to your shop. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful experience. We hope to back next September.

James M. Ganion

James M. Ganion, Esq.
2201 Dupont Drive, Suite 210
Irvine, California 92612
TEL (949) 250-9797
FAX (949) 250-9777



Sept 25, 2005

Dear Jack at The Evening Hatch

My son James and I just completed two days on the Yakima last Saturday and Sunday.  Our guide on Sat. was John and on Sun. it was Joe.  We were fortunate to fish the lower portion on Sat. and the head waters on Sun.  It was one of the most enjoyable two days of my 65 years thanks to your guides and Jamie who did the cooking while managing the tent camp.  I just wanted to send you a note of thanks and let you know I would highly recommend your business to anyone who asked. 
Gary Ganion 


Due to a computer gliche we lost a large portion of our testimonials from March 2005 to Sept 2005.....sorry for the void.


March 13, 2005

Hi Jack
Here are a couple of pictures from our fishing trip, our thanks to Greg for making it a great trip.

From an Old Fisherman
Len Garrett


Feb 20, 2005

Hi, Jack:

Dan Wilson and I had a great float with Al last Friday. It was Dan's first float trip and first time nymphing. Al put him on to some great fish including a 17" hog. Thanks for setting us up with "The Second Meanest Guide on the Yakima." Al also introduced us to some very cool strike indicators that clip on and clip off. He said they were available at your shop. Can I order some from you?

We're looking forward to fishing with TEH more times this year.

Thanks again,

Dick Simmons, Edmonds



Jack, thanks for a great day on the river, glad we didn't let a little ice stop us. Hope to fish with you again soon.

Jeff Christenat



Hello Jack,

WOW!!! I just had to write and thank you for one of the best days of fly fishing ever. I have to admit, I had my doubts about fishing in the winter - but I am hooked forever now. Like you recomended, we wore several layers of clothes - good long underwear, a warm hat and fingerless gloves. We wore our waders, but fished from the boat the whole time, so the waders were just extra insulation and we were never cold - even though our rod guides were icing up.

The fishing was way better than many summer trips - we had doubles on maybe 10 times and there was a moment I had to take a break because my arm was getting tired playing all those fish. Often times - every cast was a fish. These were not little fish either - most were over 16 inches and many were "hot" - giving good runs and jumps.

We had a great time with you as our guide - you sure know how to treat your guests right. All-in-all it was an incredible day.

If anyone wants a recomendation or a first hand account - go ahead and give them my email address and I will be glad to spread the word about winter fishing... If you haven't experienced it - it is hard to believe!!!

Mike and Sandy


Jack, Thanks for the outstanding class and instruction last Saturday.  I had a great time and I really appreciate the time and attention you gave.  I can't wait to get back in the water and try the techniques you taught me.  Keep up the good work.


James Hyde

5602 NW Rydan Court  Bremerton, Wa 98312






Jack - First, "thank you" for "nnooiiccee" time on the water Friday.  It was a good experience fishing new water.  I'm definitely glad I made the trip.

Second, I was deleting some unneeded pictures off the digital camera on Saturday, and like a big idiot I accidentally deleted our pictures from the day before so unfortunately I won't be sending you pictures from our trip.  The only proof of caught fish will hopefully come from you.

I'm definitely interested in making another trip next September so let me know what days you have available.  Also, please send any information you may have about OP fishing.  As I mentioned, I'm also interested in a multi-day trip on the OP in 2005.

Thanks again!
- Glenn

Glenn Moriyama
Consumer Credit Group
Strategic Risk Management
925-603-2151 [Office]
925-381-0994 [Cell]
MAC A0303-034


Hi Jack-

Can you sign me up for the winter skills clinic on November 13? If you need a CC#, let me know. I am still looking into the Ascension Baytrip in January as a possibility but I need to see how my schedule plays out pre-holiday. Thanks again for an AMAZING day on the Methow for the Steelies. Bryan and I haven't stopped talking about it for weeks.

Let me know about the winter skills clinic when you can.

Thanks again, Tom Craig.

206-374-0500 Work 206-321-2892 Cell


Just wanted to say what a great time we had fishing with AL in August and Sept. It was one of the best trips we ever had in13 years. We look forward to next year,



Hope you enjoyed the meal. We had a wonderful trip. Got back around 2 a.m. No sleep and dead tired today. People are skeptical of my stories. Send photos. Bets have been made. Hope the weather warmed up for you after we left.

Bob Chadwell



Finally got some of the pictures back and scanned in.  This is the large one that Jonathan caught.  The picture of me is from the Yakima River in September.

Jack, thanks for an absolutely superb trip.  Jonathan raved about the fishing and the trip all the way home.  His first steelhead on a fly, hell 3 of them, in a beautiful setting on a wonderful river, with nice – four legged – bucks wading across the river is damn hard to beat. Good thing I caught three steelhead as well, or I would never hear the end of it, and may not anyway.  Thanks again for the great time, being a great guide, and providing a truly wonderful experience.  We’ll be fishing with you after the election some time.  Cheers,




I Want to express my satisfaction for the greatest fly fishing experience.  This was a wonderful gift from my son-in-law and our first outdoor adventure together.  Our guide Al was absolutely perfect, extremely knowledgeable and very patient teaching the tricks of Yakima rainbow fishing.  Besides, what a great surprise when he brought out steaks to BBQ with all the trimmings for riverside lunch. Curtis and I enjoyed the thrill of hooking some mighty scrappy fish.  We have some great stories to share with our friends and hope to make another trip with our guide sometime in the near future.

Claude O'Clair



You may remember my father and me, Greg and Ben Dow. Over the last 10 years I joined my father on 3 or 4 of his trips with The Evening Hatch. On the first trip I was probably about 13 and you were my guide, as well as on my last trip 2 years ago. Every trip was great, especially because they always seemed to find me at a time when I had laid down my rod for too long. After every trip my interest in fly fishing was renewed, and whether I was a 15-year-old preoccupied with getting a driver's license or a college student with a hang over on the weekends, I am sure that my time on the Yakima influenced me to keep fishing. Finally, after my last trip with you, I decided that fly fishing was a passion that I could not ignore. With the summer off and law school coming up soon, I started fishing 4 or 5 days a week and usually by myself. Sorry Jack, but I even started fishing the Yakima without you. As a result, my skills and my passion increased. This is where I need to thank you. In large part because of what a positive experience fishing with you was, I not only became a better fisherman, but was able to spend the last summer guiding in Alaska at Talaview Lodge. It was while guiding a father-son group that I realized that I needed to send you this email. The son was 11 and had never fly fished before. Fortunately, he was a natural and I immediately put him on a cut bank that held some monster bows. Just like you did for me once, I began explaining to him how the fish hold in the foam lines that run down the bank. In about 30 minutes he landed a 22 inch native rainbow. Not only did it remind me of the incredible times I was able to spend with my father on the Yakima with the The Evening Hatch, but that those fishing trips actually made me a better fisherman and guide. Again, thanks a lot Jack.

Ben Dow


Just wanted to let you folks know that on Saturday I had the best day on any  river I have ever been on! Your guide Al took my Dad (a total novice) and I out for what was simply a fantastic day of fishing. He was patient with my Dad's hornet nest of a line and incredibly informative to my level of fly fishing. He was easy to be with and made a kick ass lunch. Best of all he put me on a streamer rod just as the dry flies stopped working and I picked up a monster rainbow that while boating made my hand sore for a day after. He had all 3 "guns loaded" as we moved from nymphs to dries and back again and did everything he could to make it an awesome day for my Dad and I.

Those memories are priceless. I'll be out with Al again soon-next time with my 9 yr old boy-only too bad we can't get all 3 generations in the same boat!

Thanks again


David R. Flum MD MPH Assistant Professor

Department of Surgery Division of General Surgery

Adjunct, Assistant Professor Department of Health Services

University of Washington  Box 356410 Seattle, WA 98195

Telephone (206) 616-5440 FAX (206) 543-8136

Email daveflum@u.washington.edu


Evening Hatch,

My name is Tom Steves, last Monday I went on a guided trip with my dad, and guide Al.  Al was the best, and we had a fantastic time.  Al had taken a few digital pictures of that day and I was hoping you could e-mail them to me.


Tom Steves


Hi Jack,
The Lawless clan would like to thank you and Joe for a truly great time on the river.  Great fishing, great company, great time.
Nice to get you out of the shop and rowing a boat for a change.  We could hardly tell that it has been 28 years since you actually guided a trip.  Oh, there were a few little clues, such as:
-taking the wrong turn to the launch site  (it's the river, not the golf course where we go fishing)
-forgetting which part was the top part of the fish  (it's the part with the that long skinny fin), creating an unfortunate method of releasing the first few fish
-forgetting which part was the front of the fish  (it's the part with the eyes and the mouth, not that little opening on the underside of the fish), creating a unique way of trying to remove the hook "I know it's around here somewhere"
-and bringing a can of nightcrawlers as flies (but it's the thought that counts).
It was really good seeing you again, and I appreciate the excellent day.



Hi. I was just wondering if Willo had the pictures of our trip from August


Thanks I had a great trip and my client really enjoyed the outing!!

Paul Blomgren


Just wanted to thank you guys for a great day even though it was Friday the 13th. Al Parks is an outstanding guide. He took us to the fish and showed us a great time. I've been fly fishing for a year and my buddy, Dave, was a first timer and Al had him on the fly rod catching fish in no time. We boated some nice fish (up to 18") and lost some too. We had more hookups then we could keep up with. Al had all the patience in the world with Dave and I both. We learned a ton and my buddy is now hooked. Al definitely made the day worthwhile. We'll be back again.

Thanks again for a wonderful time.
Ron Rathnow


Here are a few pics from our trip today. It was truly a great trip - Mike Snyder and I had a fantastic time. This was my first time fishing with Joe - - but I sure hope it wasn't my last - Joe is a great guide and he did a GREAT job for us today (as you'll be able to tell from these pics)... We caught a boat load of fish - but not a lot of them were picture worthy - - the one 18 inch cut Mike Snyder caught we were unable to get a picture of because the fish was a little distressed and Joe wanted to get him back in the water - but it was a beautiful looking cut...

Anyway - had a simply wonderful trip and Thanks Joe for a great time.




Hey Jack and Chris,
Can't wait to see the the (digital) pictures of the fantastic fish Rich
(Whitehill, reserved the trip) and I, (Tim Zilinsky) caught on Tuesday,
July 6th.
Chris, you did an exceptional job as our guide. We have never caught so
many large fish in one trip. Absolutely the best fishing trip I have
had, and I think I speak for Rich as well. I told you I lived and fished
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but this out performed any float I ever did on
the famed Snake River, and I know it's because of your talent and
knowledge of the river, not to mention your patience! If you ever get
back to the other side of the mountains, I would love to fish with you
again! I know the holes and you have that special touch to entice the
fish to hit!
I believe I will be seeing you all again in the future.
Thanks again for an unforgettable trip Chris!
Tim Zilinsky
Hi Jack,
Yes, everyone did have a fabulous time!  Our anglers were very happy.
Can't thank you enough....
Have a great trip and we'll hope to see you in the future.

Liz Walters
Operation Altitude
P.O. Box 2666
Vail, CO  81658




The trip today was amazing!  Chris was great.

--Tony Jopling



Just to let you know how much I learned and benefited from my
time with Greg Chang. He was excellent in helping me understand better
mechanics and more importantly catching fish. This was my first guide
trip and first float trio. And I caught 3 of the biggest fish I've ever
caught. Plus a dozen or so that were respectable. Of course, I lost the
really big ones, since I was just learning how to play a large fish. But
Greg taught me how not to lose them.
So thanks again for great trip. If you see Greg, he has some
pictures I'd like to get. Can you pass on my email or send me his. 
Rich Rardin



Hey Jack,

We had a fabulous day fishing with your man Joe a couple weeks ago.  We actually lost track of the number of trout we caught and most would average 15 inches…with a couple 18-19 inchers in there to boot.  Needless to say we had a great time and Joe was fantastic as a guide.  We will be recommending your shop and guide services to anyone that is inquiring abt floating the Yak!  And we plan on doing another trip this Summer!

I’ve attached some photos of our day.  Hopefully a couple will make the website!

Warmest Regards,


Matt Fauske | NOETIX
Account Manager

2229 112th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Off (425)372-2708 Fax (425)372-2942 
www.noetix.com | matt.fauske@noetix.com


Dear Jack

I just wanted to send a quick note, we had a great day of fishing Sunday and

Joe was one of the best guides I have ever floated with. He was

knowledgeable and accommodating and a pleasure to fish with, thanks again

for a fun day.

Tim Adams



Dear Jack,

This past weekend I had the pleasure of floating the Yakima with my best friend looking to hook a few fish.  I must say that the float we went on far exceeded any of my expectations. 

My hat goes out to Joe our guide.  Without Joe the trip would not have been what it was.  Joe rocks because of his knowledge, vast amounts of patience, and his ability to teach without making you feel inadequate.  I recommend Joe to anyone who wants to hook fish and have a great time doing it.

Thanks again to Joe and we will be floating in the near future!

Brian C. Nate | GOLF Insurance Agency | PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company
509.323.8910 | 1.800.467.3626 ext. 8910 | Fax: 206.676.0281 |

Best fishing adventure ever!  I’m spoiled now…….that was an amazing day of fishing!

I look forward to the next one!



Sorry to be getting this out so late, but wanted to thank you for one of the best days of flyfishing I've ever had!  Good weather, great friends and awesome fishing (and fish beaching themselves)!!!  It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks again,





I assume that you have rolled back into Ellensburg by now. On the flight home Gene and I both hoped that you got a chance to swing those streamers without a boat load of clients to distract you. We had a tremendous outing and look forward to the chance of making another similar trip in the future. I look forward to seeing the photos. Gene left for California this morning to visit his parents both of whom are in poor health. I would like to have a framed photo of one of his big browns ready for his return.

Robert G. Chadwell McKay Chadwell PLLC

600 University Street, Suite 1601 Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: 206-233-2800 Fax: 206-233-2809



Junior and I had a fantastic time on "Operation Where'd Rooster Go". Hope you guys had a good day on Monday....the drive back was a b*tch. I will be sending a copy of my pictures to the shop.
Junior left his eye glasses in your center console he thinks. Leave them at the shop and we will pick them up Friday since he has to go see the judge in Ephrata about a speeding ticket.




i'm sure joe must have told you about our great trip last week. i don't think either roger nor i have ever had such a great day quantity wise. thanks
i have a group of 4...me, my daughter, my new daughter-in-law and her father who would like to take the tent trip on july 16 and 17. from the web site i understand the cost is $550 per person. we would meet in ellensburg friday morning, fish friday, stay the night at the tent camp and fish again on sat. could you please confirm the price by e-mail as soon as possible so i can forward that info and then confirm the other details as a follow up. also, if at all possible i would like to use joe as one of the guides and then whoever you or he might recommend.
awaiting your reply.






What a great time this weekend!!!!  I cant wait to hit it again.   Could you e-mail me the dates we are scheduled  for the 4 people.  

Jason Schroeder





As usual, we are looking forward to fishing with the "Best Guide Service" in the Northwest. You can quote me on that.  We'll talk more about the "Secret Fishing Spot"; I'd like to discuss possibilities for next year.

Tony Umek



Hi Jack,

We had an absolutely fantastic time with you and the guys.  We feel so fortunate to have the YAK and the best damn guys/guides  all so close.  Jules and I are already jones’in to get back on the YAK.

Many Thanks again and Wig on!

Shelley (Greg, Steve, Tim and Jules)  



Thanks for great day Monday.
Can you send me the confirmation for May 5.  So far I have 7 committed.

Jim Passage
Passage and Associates
206 622 3330





What a day we had on the Yakima yesterday with The Evening Hatch Guide Johnny Boitano! My wife caught her first rainbow (s) with a fly rod! As beginners, we were reluctant to book a day with a guide. I guess we were fearful of embarrassing ourselves with our lack of even the basic fly fishing skills. Johnny was terrific! He took inventory of our skills and put together a very successful day on the river for us. We caught fish! And we must have had a total of 40 or 50 rise to our flies throughout the day. Johnny's instruction was clear and simple and easy to respond to. He maneuvered the drift boat with expertise...placing us near enough to the best seams and drifts so that, even with our limited casting experience, we were able to get the flies over the fish. Most of all, Johnny was patient and professional! We weren't able to master the art of setting the hook...just ask Johnny! But it wasn't due to lack of opportunity. We missed some good ones, but were happy with our successes and even happier with our progress. The day was very educational and enjoyable. We felt safe and in good hands! We didn't want to stop for lunch because we were having so much fun. When we finally did, we were glad! We had worked up a bit of an appetite catching (and missing) all those fish. Johnny had a great lunch for us riverside! We were blessed with the added bonus of seeing Mountain Sheep, Mule Deer, Geese, Ducks and even a Bald Eagle. Amongst all the Rainbow Trout, I managed to boat a small Cutthroat Trout as well. I feel as though we saw much more action than others on the river yesterday. Please pass on our sincerest appreciation to Johnny and all the folks at The Evening Hatch. We'll be back.


Matt & Angela Prater








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