The Best of Washington Steelhead and Trout Since 1988
Best of Washington Steelhead & Trout Since 1988

Our Staff

These dedicated professionals are hard working, fleece wearing, sun glass bearing, weather tattered, sun lined, oar pulling, fish netting, fly tying genuine fly fishing guides, bums, chefs, hosts and more. At first glance they may appear to be aloof, out there, glaze eyed, robotic and or just guide like.  A closer look reveals a staff  that will do whatever it takes to make your trip the best it can be, period! See what our guests have to say!

Jack Mitchell

Rich Connelly

Jeff and Jan Cottrell

Russell Vogt

Keith Wersland

Rial Blaine

Joe Donsky

Garth and Kaia Luke

Hank Jones – info soon

Keel Brightman – info soon

Ryan Davey – info soon

Ryan Steen – info soon

Ryan Stefek – info soon

Chris Owens – info soon

CJ Emerson – info soon

Ryan Steen – info soon

Justin Hotchkiss – info soon