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Rich Connelly

I grew up in Spokane, My home water growing up was the Spokane River. Having a mother from Libby, Montana, the great outdoors were part of my life from day one. It’s wasn’t till I was 25 that I got into fly fishing and loved it immediately. I moved to the Seattle area in 1992 and soon after discovered the Yakima River. In 2010 I moved to the Bitterroot Valley and did some guiding in the Missoula area. In 2013 I moved to Ellensburg to get back to the Yakima River where it all started. After working for a couple of local shops I finally found a home here at The Evening Hatch. I loved it so much that I purchased the shop in 2019 and its been a dream come true. I eat, sleep and drink fly fishing along with my long time guide/shop dog “Shadow” who is always willing to give everyone a big smile.


Two handers: Echo glass 4wt switch,
Fav trout rod: 6wt so I can chuck a streamer
Fav WA waters: Yakima #1, Klick, Sauk, Spokane River, And  Pass Lake!!!!
Fav Outside of WA: Big Hole, Bitterroot, and Blackwater River in BC
Fav Fish: Browns & Bulls
Fav 1 liner: “God would rather have you fly fishing and thinking about him, than in church thinking about fly fishing”……