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 The Evening Hatch’s location in Ellensburg @2308 Canyon Road, where we have been for over 15 years has just been remodeled extensively.  The location will be our Guide Shack
and this location will also be the home of Fly’s Down Shop and Espresso featuring an AWESOME selection of Flies and Tippet in addition to Dilano’s coffee!

Store Hours

Winter Hours — Friday/Saturday/Sunday 8AM to 12 Noon

Shop  509-962-5959
Reservations  509-962-5959
Shuttles 509-929-5044

The Evening Hatch and Fly’s Down Shop and Espresso are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of our rivers, fish, and wildlife habitats through education, outreach and partnership.  Fly’s down is also committed to providing exceptional espresso through consistent bean selection and roasting, quality technologies and equipment.