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YAKIMA REPORT – 11/16/19

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The fishing and catching on the Yakima this fall was reminisce of the good ol’ days. The Blue Wing Olives were PDG.  The bulk of the hatch is waning.  There is still some activity but it has pretty much run its course.

What’s on the menu for the trout now?

Whitefish spawn
Bait fish and forage fish – Streamers

Yakima river trout
Fritz and a Yakima river trout


Yakima river trout
Joe and a sweet Yakima Bow


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Chaz and Rich
Chaz and Rich

Pretty dang good fishing   …  Blue Wings are pretty much the ticket.  Both on top and under the surface.

Hot bugs include

#16-20 Lightning Bugs, RS2, WD40, PT’s

Dry Flies
#16-18 Royal Parachutes, Para Adams, Purple Haze, Iron Dun Soft Hackles
#18 – 20 Comparadun Sparkle Tails,  Parachute Sparkle Tail, Dark Quill,

#4-8 Scilpzilla, Dali LLama



Continues to produce based on numbers. While we aren’t catching a lot of fish, we have generally been rewarded daily +/- few times by some memorable fish:))

Swing tactics have been everything from in the surface to deep.   The near surface activity is most likely to slow down as temperatures cool.

A few Coho starting to show in the system.

Kaia with a nice Klickitat steelhead
Kaia with a nice Klickitat steelhead



YAKIMA RIVER 10/5/2019

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YAKIMA RIVER has been GOOD to GREAT fishing. YES to dry flies, nymphs, soft hackles and streamers.
Hot bugs include
Nymphs – #16-20 Lightning Bugs, WD-40, RS-2
Dry Flies – #16-18 Purple Haze #16-18 Sparkle Duns’, #8-12 Chubby’s, Stimulators, Para Madam X, # 10 Crane flies,
Soft hackles – #16-18 Blue Dun, Partridge and Olive, Starling and Pheasant.
The river is in great condition…..The weather pattern is favorable for some continued great fishing.
Tip of the day…. Soft hackle fishing as an overall rule is somewhat of a lost art. Searching with a soft hackle typically is not a great idea. However, the next time you get on a pod of fish rising to Blue wing olives this fall and you want to fish a softie, position yourself quartered above the fish. Tie on a #18 Soft hackle on a 10 plus foot leader terminating in 5x. Cast quartered down to a specific fish, leading them by 4-5 feet making sure you do not have a big belly in your line. If there is a belly, ‘strip out the belly’ or utilize a slight mend to rid the belly. When the fish eats your fly, don’t lift or you will lose. If the take is confident the fish will hook themselves assuming you don’t lift.
Fun stuff!

YAKIMA RIVER – 10/2/19

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GREAT FISHING THIS PAST MONTH…  and just continues.  The entire river is low…

#18 Baetis
# 16 Mahogany Duns
#10 Crane Flies
#8-10 October Caddis
#16 Tan Caddis

#14-18 Purple Haze
#8-10  Crane Fly
#16-18 PT’s, CDC PT , Lightning Bug, RS2’s,
#4-8 Sculpzilla, Dali LLama, Sheila Sculpin, Sparkle Minnows
#8-12 Chubby, Parachute Madam X, Stimulator in Orange, Purple

Upper Columbia, Yakima & Klickitat report – 9/21/10

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Fishing has been good right through the ‘Flip Flop’  We have low and clear water.  The entire river is fishing.  Some parts of the river are very low and slightly challenging with the drift boat….The easiest solution on those spots is simply to get out and walk the boat through.

Bugs include;
#10 Craneflies
#18 Baetis
#16 Mahogany Duns
#16 Tan Caddis



The river is as low as I have ever seen it at this time of year.  Bugs include, October Caddis, #16 Red Quills,  # 16 Tan Caddis, #16 Fall Cahill

Swing, dry and nymph tactics have all worked:))



Finally the Klickitat is seeing a steady  cycle and fishing is reasonable considering the counts over Bonneville. The entire river has fish in it – Both Steelhead and Chinook.  Last year we saw minimal fish up river at this time.  On the contrary, we have fish dispersed throughout the system this year.


Yakima, Klickitat and Upper Columbia report – 9/9/19

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The Yakima River is on it’s nearly dropped… The flip flop. Fishing has been good to great depending on the day. There has been some great dry fly fishing With terrestrials and crane flies. Streamers and nymphs have also been very productive. The entire river has been fishing.  



Plain and simple this one has been tough so far. The river has not been in shape enough to fish much and currently it is Willy Wonka gone wild.

Fish counts are  light and variable Over Bonneville dam. However, Klickitat usually gets a pretty good percentage of fish in comparison to other upper Columbia tributaries!

Looking forward to stable water conditions coming our way.



The fishing on the UC has been sporadic but reasonable. Swing tactics have probably been the best technique.

October Caddis are starting to show.  Tough hopper season so far.




Trout fishing in Washington

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Currently the Hopper and other terrestrial fishing for trout in Washington is spot on. Below are some images from recent fishing excursions.
There are some aquatic insect hatches here and there currently but really some of the best dry fly fishing is with the terrestrial – Hoppers, Ants and Beetles.
Upcoming hatches include
October Caddis
Nymphing can also be productive right now and fishing the typical Stonefly nymph with a dropper has been reasonable.
Streamers have also produced.
Recently spent a day walking the banks of one of my favorite rivers looking for trout. Spotting fish was almost better then catching them. Image shown above.
Have fun out there!


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Fishing and catching has been average to good depending on the day.  We have seen some nice fish throughout the system.  Dry flies, nymphs and streamers have all produced

Bugs include
Summer Stones #4-6
Yellow Sallies #14-16
PED’s # 16
Caddis #16-18

Controlled twitches with the summer Stonefly or Hopper can be enticing for the trout.

Water temps have been a bit marginal in the afternoon, especially down low in the system.  Handle with care.

Tip of the day – The Upper Canyon from State boat launch to the Diversion Dam is almost like another river, especially at this time of year.  Small terrestrials can be key…..For example – #16 Green Leaf Hoppers #16 Red and Black Ants #14-16 Black Beetles  Don’t be afraid to drown the pattern as well.

Nice trout for Westy

Forsythe Crew



Recently there has been minimal cycle due to the big heat and the river has been Willie Wonka like.    However,  the weather pattern looks favorable over the net week for a way better cycle.  Although the numbers are not great, there are definitely fish….. In fact reasonable:))







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Clarity at MM 6 @ 9AM this morning.

The word is inconsistent for catching and clarity.   Sounds about right:)))  Some days have been great for catching, others not so much.  The clarity has been a bit unpredictable as well.  The cycle has been a bit all over the board.  Some days the clarity has been poor with cool weather?  Regardless, over the net 5 days our guess the best place to be is down low early….As we do have some heat and wind; both culprits for the glacier.


Guide Report Condensed from Saturday the 20th;

‘Big dries and Yellow Sally droppers as well as Pats under a bobber.     Lots of littles.   Water is getting warm. If we stay in a warm trend we may have to start earlier’


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Good nymphing in the Lower Canyon for numbers but not much size. Fishing in the upper river has seen some good dry fly fishing.


Summer Stone nymphs with a trailer is certainly a good combo for fishing under the bobber.  Summer Stoneflies will soon be prevalent.