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The water is dropping and with the lower night temps, water temps are lowering. Dry and dry dropper fishing is automatic at times with summer stones and hoppers. There are still a few sallies lingering and bees, ants and beetles are on the menu. Stripping or swinging a streamer can be deadly for bigger fish. In the next two weeks we will see crane flies and October Caddis. A wonderful time to be on the Yakima!

Luke Guadnola with a big Yakima smile…. Senior Guide Keith Wersland with the hold.



The river definitely has plenty of fish.  We just need some consistent clarity of  18 inches or more.  Both the swing and nymph has produced  recently.  The hard part is actually landing them. This cooler weather should help alot!



The southwest rivers are doing well.  Not crowded and fairly predictable.  There are dry line and deeper opportunities.  Hatchery fish tend to want it in their face more than the wild version…. so dry lines can be less predictable on them.



We are getting ready for a busy fall on the Upper Columbia.  We typically do not run trips in August  because the river can be very unpredictable.  There are fish to be had but we would rather provide a bit more consistency for the guest base.  We are opening in the first week of Sept and are full till the end of our season up there for multi day programs except for 2 spots for 2 people. Holler if interested.



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The dry fly fishing with summer stones, hoppers, crane flies and caddis early is strong. Bigger fish early, but the action is consistent throughout the day.  It wains a bit late morning and the dropper fishing is the ticket. Pulling streamers produces some larger fish. Shorts, sandals and throwing dries…..hard to beat!

Collier Family


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Tip of the Day

This is a good demonstration of a proper hook set….Down river side, low and to the bank.


YAKIMAFrankie and Frank Salmick

Water temps are ranging from 62-68 depending on time a zone.  Early in the day can be very productive.  Hoppers, Summer Stones and Streamers seem to be the ticket.  We haven’t done much nymphing lately.

Best bugs
#6-12 Dave’s Hopper, Gypsy King, The Catch All, Water Walkers
#14-18 YB’s, Prince’s
#4-8 Streamers – Sculpzillas, Sparkle Minnows, Sheila Sculpin

34 year anniversary, to the day , of fishing with these boys!



UPPER COLUMBIAThis time of year can be tricky.  Well for that matter, the Columbia can be tricky.  We do not operate our lodge during this time frame but there is definitely some fishing to be had.  Hopper/dropper combos, nymphing and swinging can all produce.  Fish on the Upper Columbia are quite amazing.  They are built strong and healthy.  We have a few dates left this fall.


Numbers over Bonneville are reasonable.  This particular month is when we typically see good numbers of movement over the dam. Water clarity on the Klickitat has been tough overall.  Looking forward to some cooler weather this Fall.