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Jedi Craig with a bright one.  Waters have dropped fairly low on the North OP.  The next 72 hours is going to give the region a good surge of needed water.

The Winter steelhead season has started out pretty dang good from the Olympic Peninsula to Northern Cal.  Reports have been sturdy!

Tip of the day….The Speed of which you fish the run depends on the clarity. Target the run with a likely fly and likely tip & line to put you in the zone .  Get your distance down before you start stepping.  That means standing in one locatiuon start short and make your swing. then add some line and do it again.  Repeat that process until you feel you have the overall length needed to target the run.   Then work through the run.

Step sequences based on clarity
->2 feet of clarity 3 big steps
->3-4 feet of clarity 4  big steps
->5 feet of clarity 6 big steps
->6 feet or more 7 big steps

A big step equals 2 feet – Many people take mini steps or commonly referred to as  ‘Great grandpa steps’  and they equal maybe a half of a foot in length.  If this is the case…..You will never get through the run.

Hang downs are important but marinating hangdowns in marginal ‘Hang down’ zones is counterproductive.

Examples of marginal hang down zone would be,
1  Skinny fast water not associated to travel lanes
2 Tanky swirly water

……In the next report –  Steelhead tip – Target the ‘One Off’  zone




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Yakima river is in GREAT shape and the catching has been good

The usual winter fare is on the menu.

#8-12 Skwala Stone nymphs
# 8-12 San Juan Worms
6mm Whitefish Eggs
#14-16 Bead head nymphs – Perdigon, Prince, PT’s
#18-20 Brassies
#4-8 Sculpzillas, Sparkle Minnows etc.

The entire river is fishing good, from top to bottom.