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The Flip Flop is in full motion currently.  The Yakima river will decrease in flows daily, from now until the ‘Flip Flop’ process is over, which should be somewhere around the 15th of September.  This process certainly has a ‘relocation’ factor for the fish as the difference in flows can be dramatic.  Fishing the bank will generally not  be the mode of operandi.  Some banks will be productive, but also look for mid river drop offs and predominant seem lines.

Highlights for the next 60 days include

Up river salmon spawn
October Caddis,
Mahogany Duns
Fall Cahill
Fall Baetis

Classic Yakima Trout


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Water clarity over the past 24 hours has been anywhere from 6 inches to 14 inches depending on time and zone.  With the predicted weather this upcoming week, the river should be in good shape soon.  Upper Klickitat county shows day time highs of 66 and lows in the upper 30’s. The state received much needed precipitation.

Klickitat river at 11AM – Twin Bridges – 8/30/15


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Fabulous fishing lately on both the nymph and swing.  The dry line game for us has been a little tough but the medium to heavier tip game has been consistent.

Best swing bugs lately for us include….
The OP Muddler in black and blue or purple,  Hobo Spey in black with a green butt, Fish Taco in red and black.

Best nymph patterns include….
Pat’s Stone,  Rusty’s Stone and the Bead.

The entire river is holding fish.  There are some partial blockages in the canyon between Stinson and the Slide….easily portaged at this time

Clarity has been ranging between 1.5 to 3 feet of visibility depending on time and zone.

Bruce and hen
Gene and a big smile
Cowboys and Crew


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These cooler temps are thumbs up for the river water temps…….Hopefully we can see this trend continue.  We salute the fire fighters working hard for all of us currently and the families that have seen hardship.

Mornings have been reasonable to good fishing with multiple techniques including the dry, streamer and the nymph.

Best dry recently….The Mahaney Catch All
Best streamer recently…. The Sex Dungeon
Best nymph lately… Lightning Bug

Waterside since 1988.


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We are currently gearing up for our Fall season on the Upper Columbia…..Hopper and other terrestrials are the current fare and soon the October Caddis and big Yellow Mayfly will be as well.

Water temps have not reached Hoot Owl type numbers, but they have been close.  We are looking forward to the ‘Far and Fine’ season of the Upper Columbia.

Recent fish landed on a #12 Peach CFO Ant



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The recent Two Hander Day was a great time had by all. The event continues to grow and a big thanks goes out to all that helped make this happen….The party after was, ‘EPIC’!

One of the many seminars held  at the event

The Klickitat continues to swing between 1 – 2.5 feet of visibility depending on time and zone. Both the swing and the nymph have been productive.  The entire river is holding fish.

Todd Moen with an awesome hatchery buck


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HOOT OWL Regulations have been implemented by WDFW recently on the Yakima.  That means fishing from 12 midnight until 2 PM is allowed and from 2 PM to to 12 midnight is closed.

As a  company policy, our guiding has been this way for quite awhile now this season just because it is the best thing to do on behalf of the fish.

This year’s water shortage is definitely one of the worst;  However, we have definitely been in this situation in the past regarding water temps – So the high water temps situation is nothing new, although some are saying that this is a first.  Nope.  This has happened before, although the state has never implemented the Hoot Owl regulations. We did it ourselves in the past,  Montana has been dealing with this for years.

Good on the state for kicking some regulations into gear.  More importantly, we as anglers need to be conscious of the situation and use common sense when handling fish.


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The Klickitat is in great shape. Overall the fishing has been gooood over the last month.  Some days better than others.  Regardless,  current clarity is ranging from 2-4 feet depending on time and zone. There has definitely been a cycle factor lately…..The cycle can vary based on the exposure of heat and wind on Mount Adams from the previous days weather.

We have found fish in the heads, tails and guts of the runs…..Certainly are some big wild ones around.  Fish what you have confidence in.  The entire river is holding fish at this time.  Best clarity for the dry line will be down below the Slide Put In, early,  based on the current glacial cycle.