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HOOT OWL Regulations have been implemented by WDFW recently on the Yakima.  That means fishing from 12 midnight until 2 PM is allowed and from 2 PM to to 12 midnight is closed.

As a  company policy, our guiding has been this way for quite awhile now this season just because it is the best thing to do on behalf of the fish.

This year’s water shortage is definitely one of the worst;  However, we have definitely been in this situation in the past regarding water temps – So the high water temps situation is nothing new, although some are saying that this is a first.  Nope.  This has happened before, although the state has never implemented the Hoot Owl regulations. We did it ourselves in the past,  Montana has been dealing with this for years.

Good on the state for kicking some regulations into gear.  More importantly, we as anglers need to be conscious of the situation and use common sense when handling fish.