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The river is at Fall levels now and the Flip Flop is pretty much done.  Water temps remain good, varying from 54-62 degrees depending on time and zone.

Current Food
#10-12 Craneflies
#8-10 October Cddis
#16 Yello Mayflies
# 16 Tan Caddis
#4-12 Hoppers
#12-16 Ants and Beetles
#18 Fall Baetis

Hot Patterns
#14-18 Perigon in Brown, Lavender, Purple,
#8-12 Orange Gypsy King,
#8-12 CHubby’s in orange, tan, purple
#12 Orange and black Pat’s
#14-18 Lightning Bugs,  CDC Princes
#10-12 Adult Craneflies

The entire rive is fishing good.



Clarity on 9/9/21 just above town at 12 noon.  We should see the river in good shape with the up coming cooling trend:)



As per usual, the UC is finicky.  Understandably as it is a BIG body of water.  Swing, dry and nymph tactrics have all been successful with some beauties to be caught….. certainly not a numbers game.