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The Yakima is low and clear throughout.  Not much dry fly fishing to be had from now until the end of February.  however it is possible to find a little pod of fish here and there on Midges or Blue Wings.

Predominant techniques include

1) Indicator fishing with double nymph rigs – combos to include:
Streamer and a #14-18 nymph behind it
Stonefly and #14-18 nymph behind it
#14-16 attractor nymph with a #18 nymph behind it

Favorite nymphs at this time of year
Green Rock Worm, Prince, Brassie, Pats Stone, San Juan Worms

2) Retrieving  streamers –  Sometimes a weighted streamer behind a 10 foot Flouro leader is perfect.  Remember the Yakima is on average 3 feet deep.

3) Swinging streamers
What line to use depends on depth and flow …. Suggestions – Standard short Skagit, Rage, Dual density lines

Favorite Streamers –
Sculpzilla, Sparkle minnows, Dali Llama, JJ Buggers, Wooley Bugger



Reasonable fishing over the past week for both Steelhead and Coh.  The pressure is LIGHT and the water is beautiful.



The dry fly fishing is limited to finding an isolated pod of fish on midges or the like.  Best technique would be to fish the fly on the swing…

Fly Choices include Sulpzilla, Zonkers, Catchalls, JJ buggers


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Fishing has been GREAT .  End of Story.  Nymphing has been goooood with some reasonable isolated dry fly pockets and streamer action.

Blue Wings #18-20
Mohagany Duns #16-18
Fall Cahill # 16
October Caddis #10


Working for all the fish but there certainly are some dandies.  Both the swing and nymph have produced. In addition we have actually hooked a couple on retrieved flies.

The go to fly sub surface has been the  Blue Fox

Line types have varied depending on depth and flow. Everything from Standard Skagit and  T-8 to a FIST line with T-11…..  Some dry line fishing has been part of the picture as well.  Favorite fly besides a Steelhead Caddis on the dry line has been The Green Butt Marabou