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Everyday is different based on water, weather and ability.  Covering likely water with the chosen technique is a key factor.  The technique best suited for the day based on water clarity and temp,  distance of float and fish behavior could be to slow down or could be to cover mega water.

Covering mega water is generally better when the fish have settled down. Slowing down is generally better when the fish are moving, especially when swinging the fly.



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It HAS BEEN MOSTLY a nymph game recently. Unfortunately this past weather pattern has created quite a bit of the low lying snow to melt, consequently increasing the flows and  decreasing clarity, specifically from the Teanaway down.  Above the Teanaway in the Upper Flatlands and Upper Proper the clarity remains good.  Skwala, midges, worms, and small streamer under an indicator/bobber has been a worthy approach.  In addition, a dry fly here and there.  Wilson is puking mud.  Access to the upper river is still minimal due to snow on the ground.  Currently no blockages from Irene down but you have to push the boat through at low volume.  Three blockages from Bullfrog down …In the Upper Proper.


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The fishing has been all over the board, kinda like the weather. Everything from good catching to real tough catching.   Regardless, we have seen some black-and-white locomotives just too hot to handle. It seems that there is a correlation between a big fly and a buck. Although a doe will eat a big fly, statistics show the frequency to be the bucks.

An Old timer once told me, steelhead bite flies for one of three reasons…

  • aggression
  • curiosity
  • recall

Generally, aggression is equated to bucks, curiosity is equated to the doe’s  and recall is equated to instinctively biting because as smolts  in the river, they had to actively feed. An interesting analogy.