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REPORT 10-22-20

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We just closed down the Upper Columbia / Black Bear Program.  Fishing was an overall ‘Spotty’  this fall.  Regardless a good year in general.  Some big fish caught!

We are going into a major cold snap for the next 5 days and then we see it warming up again.  Watch for the fishing to be a bit tough on the Yakima and Klickitat with the weather pattern.  However it should bounce back starting next Tuesday:))



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This explanation is based on the technique of swinging a fly

MENDENITIS Definition  – A term referring to the affliction of constantly manipulating your line voluntarily or involuntarily causing your fly to waggle about unnecessarily.

Please no mendenitis….

If you are ‘true quartering down’, Zero mend needed .

If you are casting at a 90 degree often times the best time to mend is after the fly is done drifting and comes under tension.  I routinely see involuntary mends, and multiple ones at that, by anglers.  These mends have zero purpose and generally are moving the fly throughout the water column.


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At Fall levels and fishing consistent.

 The big bug recently has been ok to good; predominantly Craneflies and October Caddis.  Watch for that to change  and striking out soon.

The later Fall can be listed as the Far and Fine on the Yakima  Don’t get me wrong, a streamer and the like will continue to catch fish of course, but the big dry flies will lighten and become non existent soon.

#14-20 Nymphs  WD-40’s, Brassies, Blue Wing Epoxy Jigs, CDC PT Soft Hackles, YB’s
# 14-18 Soft Hackles  Iron Dun, Yellow and Partridge,
#18 BWO Quigley’s, Parachutes, Sparkle Duns,
#16 Mahogany Duns  Quigley’s, Parachutes, Sparkle Duns
#14-16 Fall Cahills  Quigley’s, Parachutes, Sparkle Duns
#10 Craneflies
#8 October Caddis



Plenty of fish in the river:)) Just been a tough one to get any water consistency on.  We just finally came into shape from to much heat and now we are dealing with rains…..



Up and down this Fall season.  Average to tough fishing overall.  Water levels have been way higher than normal with very little bug activity.




We met with some good success this fall on the Kvichak.  Not many salmon in the river this year which most likely equates to fewer rainbows coming down from the lake.  Regardless, good fishing!

Entire trip was two hand swingtime:))

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