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YAKIMA RIVER. 8/23/2022

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Like a broken recored…..Fishing remains good.   The dry fly fishing has been consistent.  One of the key components to that equation “ meaning, good dry fly fishing’ is the ability to place the fly on the ‘feed me’ lane with a drag free float and then be able to impart a controlled twitch …not drag, but a slight movement and then afterward a drag free drift…

Therefore the equation is;

Drag free drift on the feedme line, slight twitch timed correctly and then back to a drag free drift.

This equation has been a formula on the river since 1990.  The Yakima actually produces some good to great dry fly fishing at this time of year with this technique.  Not always easy but fun and rewarding.

In addition to the dry fly fishing the nymphing has been worthy with both the indicator and a dropper style behind a big dry fly. Streamer fishing is decent as well.

Currently there are salmon in the river and typically the last week of Sept is the prime week to fish ‘Alaska style’. Some would call it dirty, I would call appropriate to the given food source….. EGGS.   In fact utilizing an egg from here on out when nymphing can be very productive,  especially in the areas below salmon spawning activity.  Also swinging a fly such as an egg sucking sculpin or minnow can very productive.

We need to be aware of those areas where spawning occurs and give a wide berth to the spawning beds.  Also targeting salmon is not allowed as there is no season for them in the upper river. In addition we need to let them do their thing:))

This type of salmon activity is really from the Teanaway confluence upstream……Although some of these techniques will work below this point, the best of the spawn activity will be upstream.

Since 1988 – The Evening Hatch


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The Yakima is rocking on.  This river continues to produce strongly.  Dry flies are game on with summer stones and hoppers being the main fare.  The Yakima is a great river with the big dry fly in the heat of summer.

Current hatches include…
Summer Stones, Hoppers, Yellow Sallies, PED’s, Caddis

Coming soon to a river bank near you…
Craneflies, Fall Cahills

Best big bugs lately;
#6 to #12 Gypsy Kings, Chubby’s, Dave’s hopper

Best droppers lately;
#14-16 YB’s, Yellow Sally perdigon,

Covering lots of water and tossing dry flies, dry droppers, streamers etc…..

No float distance is too long.



To dirty to fish…..There are lots of steelhead around! Can’t wait for the temperatures to cool and the river to come back into shape..