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YAKIMA RIVER  is in great shape and is fishing good….Tis the season.  Over the years, we have always promoted the winter :)) The river is generally low and clear, the fish are funneled into the feed me zones, the food sources are predictable and the landscape is pared to the bone.

Beautiful fish from yesterday on a swung fly….


WINTER STEELHEAD season is underway….. As per usual the hatchery fish are showing up on schedule.  Tactics utilized lately include both swing and nymph techniques.  Steelhead love little round things! So when we are nymphing we often use yarn in the shape of an egg.  When swinging to predominantly hatchery fish it always seems they ‘LIKE’  pink ….. So we tend to use that color often.   More about our Olympic Peninsula fishing

One of our favorite patterns…. The AI ->  Different color combos can be used…

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence


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Little cold lately.  Lots of ice in the guides.  Fishing the warmth of the day is your best bet.  Watch for the fishing to be good to great the next time the water temps rise… even just 1/2 of a degree!  Recently the fishing has been good for a few nice ones….. Certainly not a numbers game recently.


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The beautiful thing about  winter trout fishing is predictable food groups

  1. Whitefish spawn
  2. Midge larvae
  3. Baitfish/Sculpins
  4. Worms
  5. Stonefly nymphs

Fishing yesterday was a bit slower then it had been.  Overall day was colder then the past couple days.

Obstacle update
The way through this obstacle is to approach river right of the log jam and lift up the limb and go under it. If you approach the river left side there is a log just under the water at this level that will high center you.

Thank you Garth, for the Video !

Definition of River Right – As you are traveling downstream the orientation ‘to the right side of’ or starboard side of…..

River Left – As you are traveling downstream the orientation ‘to the left side of’ …….