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Fishing and catching have been decent lately.  The rivers have been on a steady drop over the past week.  We are definitely going to see a bump over the next couple days and then most rivers should drop based on the weather forecast.  The upcoming water occurrence appears to be a perfect injection of agua – Let’s cross our fingers.

Lately, BIG has been good when it comes to the swung fly; Generally not my first choice, but recently has been. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the MOAL Leech have been our go to bugs…..Images to follow.

->Sneaky tailouts with depth = Kudos
->Lines/Heads used the past week = 550 Rio Flight, 525 and 540 Nextcast Zone,  510 Airflo FIST,  540 and 570 Airflo Skagit
->Tips used = Airflo Flo Tip  7.5 ft of T-14,  MOW Tips 10 Ft of T-14, T-11 and T-8

Joe with a tailout fish.
Mike releasing one
Evening light from the cabin


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Nice to see a bit of a reprieve in the precipitation.  Fishing over the past few days has been spot on….. We have hooked some big fish lately;  Tough to land.

The upcoming week looks favorable with conditions.

This weeks honorable mention…

Here is a Steelhead line that favors less stripping and more fishing.  Best fished on a longer rod with reasonable D-Loop room behind.

Call 509.962.5959 and we will get one to your doorstep.


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Sorry for the delay in posting…..Little rough conditions on this one lately;  things are shaping up quickly after  the big rain occurrence. In addition to the precipitation, the warmer temperatures melted quite a bit of the low lying snow. The upper river / above the Teanaway will be game on in the next 24 hours.

More info to follow.  Honorable mentions when the river shapes up will be; Stonefly nymphs, Streamers and San Juan worms.


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The warmer temperatures and the precipitation has got the best of the Yakima recently and the entire river is on the rise from the headwaters to Roza.  Based on the weather forecast, the river should tame down soon. We will keep you posted.

On another note, The Upper Columbia will stay low and clear from now until mid May. The river will then start to rise based on dam control.  This river is unique and fishes great right through run-off….kinda cool!


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Reasonable to good fishing yesterday on the Yakima.  The swing fishing has recently slowed a bit; most likely because there are more and more food choices on the platter.

Over the years, the adult Skwala activity has made it’s initial appearance of the year somewhere between now and the end of February.  Everyday will be different.  Based on temperatures this week, most likely an adult Skwala should be seen.  The weather looks favorable for it to happen. Conversely, if next week drops into the teens, an emergence of the Skwala is unlikely

Bugs of the Week….
#12 San Juan Worm
#10 Pat’s Stone
#14-16 Flashback PT

Bugs over the next 60 days
March Browns
Blue Wing
Little Winter Stone

Matt and Jeremy
Trout release


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Based on all predictions, the next weeks weather should be spot on for the rivers and fishing.  It is nice to see a bit of a reprieve, as the last month’s amount precipitation has been astounding.  Although no complaints, especially in the wake of last year’s …. ‘lack of’.
Reasonable fishing this past few weeks when were able to find the window of opportunity 
This weeks steelhead fishing honorable mentions…..
  1. Nextcast Zone – F1;  This 25 foot head casts like a champ and slows your swing down to the       walking speed that is needed.  10 feet of intermediate is built into the line; top that with a 10 foot tip of choice, based on depth and flow and you have a line that slows way down – We call that thumbs up!
  2. 1/2 of an inch of rain in 20 minutes.
  3. The Beaverslide Boat Launch
  4. Film Shoot – Chasing steelhead to feature a Nikon camera on Amazon – Gotta love it.
  5. Kristian’s Run….. 3 hook ups in two days – 10 feet of T-14 and a Black Moal Leech – the exact same spot – Gotta love it.
  6. Sight fishing Steelhead on two different occasions
Just Fishing
Sight fished to this one!
Kristian in Kristian’s Run