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Fishing and catching have been decent lately.  The rivers have been on a steady drop over the past week.  We are definitely going to see a bump over the next couple days and then most rivers should drop based on the weather forecast.  The upcoming water occurrence appears to be a perfect injection of agua – Let’s cross our fingers.

Lately, BIG has been good when it comes to the swung fly; Generally not my first choice, but recently has been. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the MOAL Leech have been our go to bugs…..Images to follow.

->Sneaky tailouts with depth = Kudos
->Lines/Heads used the past week = 550 Rio Flight, 525 and 540 Nextcast Zone,  510 Airflo FIST,  540 and 570 Airflo Skagit
->Tips used = Airflo Flo Tip  7.5 ft of T-14,  MOW Tips 10 Ft of T-14, T-11 and T-8

Joe with a tailout fish.
Mike releasing one
Evening light from the cabin