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Fishing is good overall. Flows have been managed favorably so far.

Clarity is as follows
Upper proper  5 feet
Upper Flatlands 7 feet
Upper Canyon 7 feet
Farmlands 7-4 feet
Lower Canyon 3 feet

Trout food includes;
Golden stones
Salmon smolt
Green Drakes

Patterns of the week
PMD Trigger nymph
Pats stones- imagine that
CDC Pheasant tails

The euro nymph game is good just like it was thirty years ago…. it’s just now we don’t use fly lines which makes it easier:). Watch Joe Humphrey get it done with a fly line!

Dry fly fishing has been ok.. and definitely zone specific and overall sporadic.  Searching with the dry fly has been slow. Most of the dry fly activity we have seen is to specific fish rising to insects.

Salmon smolt are definitely on the trouts menu:)


Up and down overall but average to good fishing.  Smorgasbord of bugs including… Baetis, PMD’s, March Browns and Drakes:)

Jan with a bent rod

Buddy with Big Smile


Opening week on the Kvichak while not consistent daily had some sweet momemnt.  This big resident rainbow, not your typical big fish from the Kvichak, put a smile on Brer’s

Fall dates available… message Jack @ 509.859.2280

Brer with a grande from Alaska



River is definitely on a cycle.  Photo above is this morning down low with 2.5 feet of visibility.  By late afternoon at the same location the visibility is about 1.5 at max.

There are defintely fish in the river.  We have not been on yet this year but that is about to change!!