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The Yakima is on a hard drop .  The annual Flip Flop.   Fishing has been good throughout.  Water temps were a little marginal in the Lower canyon during our last heat spell.  However, currently water temps are great throughout.

Dry Droppers, Dry Flies, Nymphing and some Streamer fishing.

Current Bugs
Crane flies  – This is KEY right now
Terrestrials – Hoppers, Ants and Beetles
Summer Stones


While the numbers over Bonneville are not good….Recently they have improved quite a bit.  Let’s hope there is a thermal block with steelhead somewhere.  On another note, We are supposed to see a HUGE number of Coho coming into the system.   Will be good for the biomass and certainly a worthy target.

The river is definitely with cycle currently.  Down low in the morning is about 2.5 feet of vis.  By afternoon the lower river is at about 18 inches of visibility.

More to follow…