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Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend – Remember those who have served our country!

The Yakima has been fishing pretty darn good throughout.  The mix of bugs listed below continues to be the predominant fare although the March Brown is  pretty much over for the 2016 season.

Overall, PMD’s and Caddis would be the bugs of choice;  with a Golden Stone thrown in here and there!

Andy with a Yakima Bow!



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This river opens soon….June 1st.  Flows are typical for this time of year – Currently 2200 CFS.  Fish counts for both Wild and Hatchery fish are basically comparing to the 10 year average.  Water clarity is at 2.5 to 3 feet.

Overall, conditions look great:))


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The river saw an increase in flows and then a drop.   Fishing remains pretty good throughout.  Dynamically different in each stretch.

Dry fly fishing has been worthy from 4pm on daily!

Clarity Report;
Upper Proper  5 feet
Upper Flatlands 6 feet
Upper Canyon  5 feet
Farmlands 5-3 feet
Lower Canyon 2.5 – 3 feet

Current bugs include;
March Browns – Fading fast but still showing regularly in the upper stretches
Salmon Flies – Fading fast but still showing regularly in the upper stretches
Caddis – Throughout the river but strongest in the lower stretches
PMD’s – Starting to show throughout, but strongest in the lower river
Golden Stones – A few adults showing but AMPLE nymphs available

Upcoming bug



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Mother’s Day Caddis is named appropriately as the hatch was about 8 days before Mother’s Day on the Upper Columbia and 2 days earlier  on the Yakima!  Fishing during a Caddis hatch can be a bit frustrating. Personally, I would take a Mayfly hatch over the Caddis hatch anytime.  The Mayfly has an incomplete metamorphosis where as the Caddis has a complete metamorphosis and the variables within that metamorphosis are remarkable. Regardless, since the Caddis have blossomed, The rivers have been less predictable.  Some days have been average, some poor and some ‘lights out’!

Other Yakima bugs include….
March Browns – Fading fast
Blue Wings – Almost always available
Salmon Flies – Fading fast
Golden Stone nymphs –  Active
Flying Ants

Other Upper Columbia bugs include…
Flying Ants


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The Yakima river is in reasonable to good  condition considering the amount of water traveling down it  The Upper Proper has reasonable flows @ 500 CFS;  However, from the Cle Elum river confluence the river gets BIG as the Cle Elum reservoir is @ almost 100% capacity and there is alot more water to come down.

Regardless,  there is some good fishing to be had from top to bottom.  The Upper and Lower Canyons have some opportunity, but at this level, mostly from the boat…..which is typical for these stretches,.  Even at these big levels , the Upper Flatlands and the Farmlands have some wading opportunity because of all the side channels.
Bugs are pretty much the same as what is listed in the report below!  There are some nice fish to be had as well…