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Mother’s Day Caddis is named appropriately as the hatch was about 8 days before Mother’s Day on the Upper Columbia and 2 days earlier  on the Yakima!  Fishing during a Caddis hatch can be a bit frustrating. Personally, I would take a Mayfly hatch over the Caddis hatch anytime.  The Mayfly has an incomplete metamorphosis where as the Caddis has a complete metamorphosis and the variables within that metamorphosis are remarkable. Regardless, since the Caddis have blossomed, The rivers have been less predictable.  Some days have been average, some poor and some ‘lights out’!

Other Yakima bugs include….
March Browns – Fading fast
Blue Wings – Almost always available
Salmon Flies – Fading fast
Golden Stone nymphs –  Active
Flying Ants

Other Upper Columbia bugs include…
Flying Ants