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Posted on 1 Comment on YAKIMA RIVER REPORT – 3/30/16

The Skwala activity is starting to slow down a bit….It is not over, but slowing.  March Browns are staging hard and making an appearance.  Should see some reasonable rises over the next 3 weeks on these Mayflies….Refer to the previous Yakima Reports for more insight on the March Brown.

Clarity Chart
Upper Proper – 6
Upper Flatlands – 7
Upper Canyon – 6
Farmlands – 6 to 4
Lower Canyon – 3 to 4
Jim and Mel!


Posted on Leave a comment on WINTER STEELHEAD REPORT – 3/28/16

Definitely some steelhead fishing left, but coming to a close,  soon.  The upcoming week looks to be clear and stable with DROPPING rivers.  Next Sunday, looks like some rain;  by that time it will be needed.  Reasonable fishing recently. In fact,  some magical moments;  4 grabs in one run with 2 landed was ‘kinda’ nice.

Best Bug – Small bugs, skinny profiles – ‘Naks Little Sting Leech’
Best lines – Dual density Intermediate to T-8 or T-ll

Have faith and fish the water.
Error on the small side with the fly.
Error on the heavy side with sink tip.


Posted on 1 Comment on UPPER COLUMBIA RIVER REPORT – 3/24/16

The river is very LOW and the fishing has been good; not epic and not slow; just good.   Predominant tactic is swinging and retrieving.

Best tip lately for a single hand rod has been a 15 foot Type 6
Best tip lately for a little two hander has been a 15 foot Dual Density Type 4 and 6

Bugs are limited at this time of year — A few Skwala, Midges and Blue Wings

Recent typical Upper Columbia Bow


Posted on 2 Comments on YAKIMA RIVER REPORT – 3/24/16

The river is in gooooood condition and the fishing has been the same.  Spotty can also be description.  The nymphing in the early part of the day is  OK at best and the dry fly fishing in the afternoon evening, while spotty, is the highlight.  You will find some banks productive for the Skwala adult , and others not so much.  Don’t be afraid to cover a bit of water with your boat in search of optimum Skwala activity.  TIP – Also remember, The fly does not need to be one inch from the bank.  One of my favorite Skwala zones is on a predominant seam that is literally 15 feet off the bank!

There are and have been Blue Wings and now a few March Browns starting to show

Water Clarity
Upper Proper – 5 feet
Upper Flatlands – 6 feet
Upper Canyon – 5 feet
Farmlands – 5 to 3 feet
Lower Canyon – 3 feet.

Yakima Rainbow

Skwala Adult


Posted on 1 Comment on YAKIMA RIVER REPORT 3-15-16

The river is fishing throughout the system now.  There was a period of ‘no go’ below the Teanaway…..but currently, although it is big, the fishing is WORTHY.

Clarity report
Upper Proper   4
Upper Flatlands 5
Upper Canyon 4
Farmlands 4-3
Lower Canyon 2.5
Predominant bugs include –  Skwala, Midges, Blue Wings, Amyletus…..March Browns just around the corner.
Lots of tough weather recently.   However, the upcoming week looks GREAT for the forecast.

A little on Shallow Water Nymphing

Tactics include….
Dry Flies
Streamer fishing


Posted on Leave a comment on YAKIMA RIVER UPDATE – MARCH 5, 2016
Reasonable fishing on the Yakima recently.  Some adult Skwala action, some nymphing with Skwala nymphs and San Juan worms.  Very light BWO action and a bit of Streamer fishing here and there.
A little on Shallow Water Nymphing

Blue Wing Olives  are Mayfly Swimmers and they originate/live in slower and a bit deeper boulder strewn runs.

March Browns are Mayfly Clingers and they originate in riffles.  Although we haven’t seen any yet, they are just around the corner!


Upper Proper  4 feet
Upper Flatlands 5 feet
Upper Canyon 4 feet
Farmlands 4-2 feet
Lower Canyon 2 feet
Top left to right
Catch Skwala, Bullet head Skwala, Hi Vis Skwala
Botthom left top right
Brown/Black Pat’s, Pink Worm, Olive Pats


Posted on 1 Comment on YAKIMA RIVER REPORT – 2/28/16

Yesterday marks our first dry fly Skwala fish of the season. I am sure someone else managed to wrangle one up on a dry, prior…but this was our first.

The river is good shape now. We have been utilizing multiple tactics including;
Dry Flies

Dry fly fishing from this day toward will be weather dependent.  Wind isn’t such a bad condition as it will blow the Skwala’s on to the water.  However, some of the best dry fly weather will be calm, steady pressure days that hit air temps of 48 or

Yakima clarity
Upper Proper-5 feet
Upper Flatlands-6 feet
Upper Canyon-5 feet
Farmlands-5 to 3 feet
Lower Canyon- 3 feet

Dry Fly Fish