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Nice steel from Klickitat on 7-26

Hot weather a couple weeks ago,  then it cooled down, but rained cats and dogs; now hot weather again…..Not giving us much love.

We do have some clarity today and we did yesterday as well.  The river is cycling hard…..With the upcoming forecast of HEAT for this next week,  the cycle may be minimal with TOUGH CLARITY.

Yesterday we had 2.5-3.5 feet of clarity depending where you were in the system and at what time.  Today, we had 2-3 feet of clarity depending where you were in the system and at what time.

Yesterday we hooked some fish.  In fact, I saw one of the most impressive summer run steelhead I have ever seen on the end of our line for about a 40 second ride…Truly amazing.  Figure about 18 pounds and all muscle that was pretty much ‘uncontrollable’ – We did not land the beast!  We caught fish on both the swung fly and nymph yesterday.


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Ralston party
Best Bug lately – Chubby Chernobyl
Fishing has been good to great recently in the AM.  A well presented dry in the likely lanes and covering water has been a great approach.  While in a stationary position swinging a streamer in the morning in the ‘right spot’ has produced as well. We are seeing good numbers of  #16 PMD’s and Caddis around; have not seen many summer stones yet.  There are still a few drakes here and there as well.  Definitely a nymph game during the afternoon hours in the Lower Canyon.  
Fishing has been good in the evenings as well.  The Caddis Beds are a good place to be posted up for the last hour.


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Looking Northwest towards Mt. Adams

The Klickitat region experienced HEAVY rains and thunderstorms last night as well as into this morning.  The Glenwood area is expected to see a lot more of it today and then will subside according to the weather report.  However, the recent weather report missed the mark over the last 24 hours as we were only suppose to have a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms.

So the Klickitat volume has increased quite a bit since yesterday’s report;  the clarity decreased.  Currently back to ‘unfishable’… We will keep you posted.  Should be back on track quickly.

It appears our regions of fire are receiving the rain as well…..That is a good thing.  Let’s just hope the lightning does not add to the issue.


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Klickitat clarity on July 17

These images show the difference in clarity on the Klickitat  over the past week.  Photos are deceiving, but the first image depicts about 3-4 inches of visibility and the second image depicts about 1.5 feet of visibility.

My largest fish last year came with 18 inches of viz.  We are a go, as I see it……I will be swinging a fly manana!

Based on weather reports, the river’s clarity should only get better.

Klickitat clarity today, July 22

YAKIMA RIVER Report 7/21/14

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We have seen some good consistent fishing this year.  Through the hot spell, the mornings and evening definitely proved to be the time for the dry.

Recently, with the cooler temps in comparison to the previous weeks, the mornings have been less predictable.

Hatches include, # 6-8 Summer Stones, #14-16 Caddis,  #14 PED’s,  #14-16 Yellow Sallies, #6-12 Hoppers and #12-18 Ants/Beetles.  Above is a ‘guides choice’ for the past week.

The Upper Flatlands, Upper Canyon and Lower Canyon seem to be the place to be recently and….The fishing in the Farmlands and the Upper Proper have been OK…

Second Annual Klickitat Two Hander Day!

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This free gathering is for those who would like to learn not only how to cast the two hander better and further, but also how to fish it!

11AM – 12PM CHECK IN at Leidl Access on the Klickitat – Directions to Leidl – After crossing the bridge…Leidl campground is on both sides of the highway… Take a left to enter the west side campground and follow the sign down river…

Class topics to most likely include but not limited to…

-> Demystifying the variety of two hand lines
-> Beginner two hand casting 
-> Intermediate/advanced two hand casting
-> Getting more distance
-> Fishing the fly, hooking and fighting fish
-> Single hand spey casting
-> Up against the trees 
-> Combining casts to optimize efficiency
-> Long Belly Casting vs Underhand Casting
-> Overhead Casting with the Two Hander

Schedule of Events

-> 12-4:30 PM free classes and free riverside barbecue
-> 4:30 – 6:30 Open time
-> 6:30 – 8:30 Free Barbecue and Catch Mag viewing at The Steelhead Ranch
-> At Dark at The Steelhead Ranch – A Special Outside and Under the Stars Presentation of and by Catch Magazine.

Product lines represented by Echo, Redington, Sage, Rio, Airflo, Hardy/Greys, Vision and more to come.

Speakers; Brian Chou, Brian Styskal, Eric Neufeld, Ben Dow, Jack Mitchell, Steelie Mike. Jeff Cottrell.