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The OP received a much need insurgence of water to mix up the long cold snap.  Reasonable numbers of fish around with a mix of hatchery and wild depending on the watershed.

It appears  that the rivers will continue to drop with the up coming weather pattern.


  • Steelhead connections do not come easy, especially on a swung fly. Therefore, preparation and strategy make up a crucial part of the potential for catching….   Sharp hooks,  Good knots,  Cover likely water, systematically, with a likely pattern (based on conditions), Confidence and patience.
  • Fish where the fish are. Remember, steelhead move a lot!  Winter fish, far more than there summer counterpart .
  • Sometimes playing the water is half the battle. When the river has been dropping and clearing for ‘awhile’, fish the hole.  If the river is ‘fresh’ on the drop or rise, fish the heads and tails.


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Again we are certainly in need of some water and it is coming.

Everything is low and really clear except for the Queets and Hoh.  The rivers will definitely shoot up this week from the rain coming Monday-Thursday.

Recently we have met with success on both the bobber and swing.

A look at the working box for the past this week…


Jeff and Bruce with a nice little wild winter buck


Another bright one!

Check out the Catch Magazine video – Pacific Northwest Steelhead – Realistic look at swinging a fly. I spent 3 days on the water, 6 steelhead encounters – 4 fish on, 2 other major grabs and 1 fish landed. Some adventures produce more, some less, but this is an uncensored look at my 3 days.


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Overall we could use some water.  There are some fresh fish around but some precipitation would be helpful.  The fresh fish we have encountered have been incredibly hot and hard to land .  Multiple tactics have been successful with the drift being good as well as the swing.   No lack of snowpack throughout the state which bodes well for this upcoming year.  This wild fish was healthy and had been in the system for a few weeks. We have some day trip availability as well as some overnight packages as well.