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I have heard complaints about the high flows on the Yakima river during the summer; Granted it is not ‘normal’  but it is a saving grace to the fish because the water temps would be ‘over the top’  if we did not have the injections of water from the reservoir during our hot months.

….Water levels are dropping and the big dry fly fishing yesterday was GOOOD.    As the Flip Flop continues you will find fish throughout the river as opposed to hugging the banks as they have for the irrigation season. Tactics will change,  as the temps and weather will as well.

Hopefully we will see some reasonable Baetis hatches this fall!  We used to see great Cahills, Mahogany Duns and Baetis in the Fall.  This was back in the day….when there were only 3 guides on the river, not 2200. Last fall there seemed to be a slight resurgence of a reasonable Baetis hatch;  let’s cross our fingers.

VIB’s  over the  next 2 months
Summer Stones, Hoppers, Craneflies, October Caddis, Baetis, Hydropsyche Caddis

John Fogliani’s Rainbow!


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Little tougher lately.  Water temps have been 66-72 degrees lately depending on where you are in the system and time of the day.   Based on the Bureau of Reclamation gauge, which is admittedly not completely accurate.  Regardless,  a little warm.  

Oxygenated waters have been key for nymphing…#12 and 14 Classics have been the ticket recently with the #8-10 Stone nymphs taking a third place.  
Dry flies on hopper banks and in the last hour with Caddis.
There have been a lot of recreation floaters and cliff jumpers lately…..Stay clear of them or the may end up in your boat looking for a beer or falling from the sky.
Gary and Mackenzie!


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Overall the Yakima has been pretty darn good.  Water temps have been ranging between 61 and 68 depending on time of day and stretch of river.  

MVP’s have been the Pats Stone, Streamers, Dave’s hoppers, Small Chubbies and the select Caddis rendition in the evening in isolated locals.

Weimer Crew