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Overall the fishing has been steady to good.  We have been seeing a smaller average size fish on the Upper Columbia recently….Everything is cyclical.  The Drake hatch started 2 weeks earlier then normal and has provided some good dry fly action.  In addition, the Kettle has provided some good opportunity as well.

Hatches include – Drakes, Caddis, Yellow Sallies, PED’s

Bug of the week – The Drakeometer

Moesly / Leland Crew

From the deck


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The fishing has actually been worthy….but to get em’ you definitely have to fish hard. It is certainly not a numbers game.  The hatchery fish are perfect for the barbecue and the wild ones are hard to land :)) Pictured below is Charlie Dow with his first Steelie and his proud bother, Ben.  Tactics used lately include Swung flies, Streamers on the move and a few Blue fox spinners here and there.  Clarity is great currently with 3-3.5 feet.  This however is going to change for the worse as the upcoming heat wave will have a negative affect.


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The fishing on the Yakima has been consistent and good.  A mixture of dry flies, nymphs and streamers have proven effective lately.  We have been on all stretches of the river….from The Upper Proper to the Lower Canyon.

Water temps are good so far ranging from 52-61 depending on where and time of day – See the new reel time links on the right side bar.  Flows are lower than normal but that is to be expected.  Reservoir levels are reasonable considering…

Bugs de jour continue to be Yellow Sallies, PMD’s/PED’s, Caddis, Ants.

Patterns of the weeks
#8 Pats Stone in Tan and Brown
#14-16 PMD Trigger Nymphs
#14-18 Lightning Bugs
#8 Golden Chubby
#6 Streamer Pre Madonna


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The UC is in great shape.  Fishing has be steady and the water temps are par for a normal year. Predominant bugs include Caddis, PMD’s, Western Quill and Baetis.  Nymphing, Soft Hackles and Dry Flies have all proved worthy.

The Upper Columbia River will have no shortage of water this year…. it might be a little lower, but it is all relative.

Columbia Fly Box

Recent happy angler!

and another  🙂


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Fishing subsurface has been gooood lately.  Dry fly fishing has been a bit spotty but there has been some opportunity.

Predominant bugs as of late…PMD’s, Ants, Yellow Sallies, Caddis and Summer Stone nymphs.

River Clarity Chart

Upper Proper – 5 feet
Upper Flatlands – 6 feet
Upper Canyon – 6 feet
Farmlands – 6 to feet
Lower Canyon – 2 feet

Summer Stones and Hoppers should kick into gear this year by mid to late July.  The Summer Stone is technically a cousin to the Golden Stone.  The male is almost wingless, hence the name “Shortwing Stone”.  The Female on the other hand is fully winged.  The Summer stone is very light in color as shown below. Immediately after hatching the Summer stone can appear to almost ‘glow’. This nocturnal creature is Yakima’s premier Stone fly.


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We continue to see some great fishing and some good catching for this time of year.   Over the last few days we have seen fish eat
1) Skaters,
2) Flies just under the surface,
3) retrieved streamers and
4) Flies under the bobber.

River has held  through this heat wave with marginal loss in clarity.

Best Bugs –
Rusty’s Stone
Black Muddler
Zee Clouser
The Bead