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Fishing subsurface has been gooood lately.  Dry fly fishing has been a bit spotty but there has been some opportunity.

Predominant bugs as of late…PMD’s, Ants, Yellow Sallies, Caddis and Summer Stone nymphs.

River Clarity Chart

Upper Proper – 5 feet
Upper Flatlands – 6 feet
Upper Canyon – 6 feet
Farmlands – 6 to feet
Lower Canyon – 2 feet

Summer Stones and Hoppers should kick into gear this year by mid to late July.  The Summer Stone is technically a cousin to the Golden Stone.  The male is almost wingless, hence the name “Shortwing Stone”.  The Female on the other hand is fully winged.  The Summer stone is very light in color as shown below. Immediately after hatching the Summer stone can appear to almost ‘glow’. This nocturnal creature is Yakima’s premier Stone fly.