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Posted on Leave a comment on YAKIMA REPORT – JUNE 2, 2015

The fishing recently on the Yakima has been spotty.  this is a relative statement as what is spotty for us might be great for some.  Bugsde jour include #16-18 PMD’s, #14-16 Yellow Sallies, #12 Green Drakes, #14-18 Caddis and a few #6-8 Golden Stones.

PMD Patterns
Nymphs – Trigger Nymphs, Bubblebacks, CDC PT
Adults/Emergers – Sparkle Duns, Parachutes, Sof Hackles
Green Drake Patterns
Nymphs – #10-14 CDC Prince
Adults/Emergers – Paradrake, Quiglies
Yellow Sallies
Adults – Red Butt Yellow Stone
Nymphs – Trigger
Golden Stones
Nymphs – Pats Stone Etc…
Adults – Chubbies, Stimulators, C-Ants
The river is completely different at the Blue Ribbon origin below Lake Easton than it’s final stretch in the Lower Canyon near Roza Dam.  It is for this reason a single report is difficult to summarize the entire river’s activity. That being said,   throughout the system, the overall nymph game has been stable to good and the dry fly fishing about the same or a tad bit less predictable.
We are starting to see a few hoppers as well….Remember, Ants are trout candy.
Little Yellow Sally Stone