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Dang with all the social media now days ,  I forget to do the website report.



Water is low and clear. The whitefish are in full spawn and therefore a dirty yellow 6 mil egg nymphed is a great bet.   The quintessential Stonefly with something behind it is a great idea.

#14-20 Nymphs to put behind the stonefly could include but are not limited to….Flashback PT’s, Lightning Bugs , Princes, Caddis Larvae , Midge Pupa etc….

When you find one fish at this time of year there are mlost likely other fish around.   The fish tend to be in pods or pooled up.

Quite a few years back / 1996.  I wrote an article on fishing the Yakima during the winter.  98 % of it it still holds true….   Winter Fishing



Getting close to the end of the 2022 season.  Reasonable to good fishing through out the season.   Both the nymph and the swing were productive.

Nice to see a reasonable number of fish. Thanks to all who joined us on the water and  at The Steelhead Ranch.  We look forward to 2023