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The river is BIG and Brown with one day left in the season;  manana.  There won’t be any fishing for us.

It was great year with good numbers of happy steelhead. A good mix of hatchery bonkers and wild fish, with some large steelies as well.  
Remember next year and early fishing in June. Low pressure, and steelies in the river 🙂  


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A little rough lately on all watersheds including the Yakima.  The river above the Teanaway confluence is the place to be currently, if anywhere.  The river should be in good shape soon with the projected upcoming weather pattern….

The water should stabilize soon and drop and clear based on weather predictions.

Bugs of choice –

Streamers, Streamers and Streamers
Stonefly Nymphs
San Juan Worms


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We saw 63 degrees yesterday on the Klickitat river….Wow! Completely opposite of 10 days prior.  The river is WAY out of shape currently.

Prior to the blow out yesterday I would call the fishing Swingtastic and Nymphoric – Pardon the rhetoric.
Hopefully we will see conditions good enough to fish again prior to the closure.

Brandon Bischof with a wild Klick Hen

Just fishing


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We are getting ready for our upcoming Winter Steelhead season. We have an array of options and they are listed below…

1) Nov/Dec;  Hatchery fish with a few wild ones mixed in – Columbia River Delta Tributaries

2) Jan/Feb;  Hatchery and Wild Fish South OP

3) Feb/March;  Lower Q and Q Swing only program – Private Water

4) Feb-April;  South and Middle OP Watersheds for Wild Steelhead

Diverse in options….Let us know and we will get you on the water!


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The cooling water temps have definitely slowed most bug activity.  We will see Midge, light Baetis and small winter stone activity  throughout the Winter, but for the most part, the fall hatches have gone by the wayside for 2014.

Re: Fall Hatches – What happened to our strong Baetis , Mahogany  Duns and Cahills of the Fall?
The Yakima continues to hold its own and the trout population according to WDFW are reasonably     stable.  But what has happened to our Mayfly hatches……In the late 80’s and 90’s the Mayfly hatches were far more prolific?  Also,  what has happened to our Whitefish population?  Certainly has decreased since the late 80’s.  Many will complain about Whitefish, but the whitefish is a good indicator of a healthy Western stream.
Back to the report – Bugs of the week include:
#10 Black and Brown Pats Stone
#4 Zuddler
#18-20  Red or Blue Brassie
Dry fly fishing from this point in time will be limited to targeting rising fish.  Searching with a dry fly will be reasonably futile.


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The fishing has been remarkably good through this cold snap….. with the nymph.  The swing fishing has been tough.

We have been on most stretches of the river….. Again, considering the cold weather, pretty darn good fishing.  Mr Weather shows a warming trend coming our way Wednesday – :))

Shown here are the nymphs of choice….


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The river is a bit higher than normal after this past couple weeks of unusually warm and wet weather.  However, with the cooling temps,  the river is in good shape…and fishing great with the swung fly and the nymph.

Honorable mentions this past week;
1- Jeff and Tom’s Triple!
2- Super Flat 1

Tip of the week – They are lower than you think.

We have some openings from the  16th-20th – Call 509.859.2280