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The river is fish reasonable, considering the heat. Low light time frames are your best…..mornings and evenings. Water temps in the Upper River below the Cle Elum confluence are ranging from 59-63.  Water temps in the Lower Canyon are ranging from 62-68. ‘Little warm’ in the Lower Canyon.  Not a bad place to fish early in the day and get off mid afternoon.  Mr Weather shows reasonable weather coming our way with highs in the low to mid 80’s and cool night time temps.

Summer Stoneflies, Caddis and Hoppers are the main fare.  As usual at this time of year, the Upper Canyon (East Cle Elum to Thorp) dinner plate can be a mixed bag of delights…..Ants, leaf hoppers, beetles, bees etc…

More to follow on the Upper Canyon menu in the next report…..


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Remarkable hatch season on the Upper Columbia this past 2 months.  Currently the fishing is limited to a very short window based on waning hatches and the heat.  We are looking forward to the Fall Season….should be fantastic.

As good friends,
1) ‘Jeffe’ Jeff Cottrell  30 year veteran in the guiding industry – From the Kola to Tierra Del Fuego to Colorado to Managing The Klickitat and Upper Columbia for The Hatch
2) CJ Emerson Senior Evening Hatch Guide
3) Rial Blaine Senior Evening Hatch
4) Steve Bird ( author of the Upper Columbia Fly fisher, Soft hackle Journal and an Evening Hatch Guide Staff member)
and myself would say….’2016 was the year of the Mayfly’


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Fishing has been great. Catching has been everything from nada to quite a few.  Typical steelheading and early season behavior, but overall, better then normal.  Currently the river is ‘Steelhead Olive’ but will most likely be grey brown manana and the ensuing days based on the heat pattern we are receiving…

A variety of approaches have caught fish….Everything from

1) Just under the surface with traditionals
2) 21/2 inches of flash and  T-10
3) Yarn
4) Stones
5) Beads

Our guess is the fishing with a fly over the next week will be non existent…


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The Yakima is fishing average to great depending on the day.  Morning as of recently has been pretty darn good dry fly fishing.  This coincides with the fact that Summer Stones are starting and  they are nocturnal. Techniques have included a mixed bag if wanted;  Streamers , nymphing and dry flies have all produced.

Predominant bugs include….
Summer Stoneflies

The best of summer is just starting.  We are fortunate to have great water temps……Montana is in Hoot Owl conditions already;  We aren’t even close!


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The river is in exceptional condition for this time of year.  Yesterday the clarity was 4 feet at Stinson @ 5PM. The canyon between Stinson and the Slide has one really tight spot and will be even more difficult when the water drops.  The issue is literally  3 corners down from the Stinson put in, which actually has a make shift ramp now after the access was demolished by high waters this winter.

There is also another issue between One lane and Leidl…Pictured below.  Overal the river has changed quite a bit from Leidl to Slide…..Kinda like the ‘Hoh of the desert’.

Fishing has been goooood so far this season; again, some would say one of the best Junes’ in a long while. Yesterday we managed to hook up 3 times on the swing…..Nothing on a dry line or light tip…..However 10 feet of T-11 and the Blue fox fly.produced.

Beautiful wild fish
Blockage between One Lane Bridge and Leidl


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There are definitely fish throughout the system….. GOOD  fishing this past month.  According to some, one of the best June’s ever!   We have not been on it it a whole bunch this past month but we will be on it quite a bit from here on out .  Water levels are lower then normal;

Yesterday @ 11 AM the clarity was 2 feet in town.  The river is definitely cycling but we should see less of a cycle with the cooler weather.


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Yakima river insects include….
Caddis –  #16 Tan – Hydropsyche
PMD’s – #17 Yellow – Ephemerella
Yellow Sallies – #14 Yellow – Perlodidae
Baetis – Not many think of Baetis in the Summer – Key bug at times!
Summer Stones – Just around the corner

Water levels raised quite a bit in the last week.  All things considered, pretty dang good fishing!

Good fishing in the PM and AM shadows with #10-12 dry flies….Don’t be afraid to give the bigger dry flies a bit of a twitch