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The river is in exceptional condition for this time of year.  Yesterday the clarity was 4 feet at Stinson @ 5PM. The canyon between Stinson and the Slide has one really tight spot and will be even more difficult when the water drops.  The issue is literally  3 corners down from the Stinson put in, which actually has a make shift ramp now after the access was demolished by high waters this winter.

There is also another issue between One lane and Leidl…Pictured below.  Overal the river has changed quite a bit from Leidl to Slide…..Kinda like the ‘Hoh of the desert’.

Fishing has been goooood so far this season; again, some would say one of the best Junes’ in a long while. Yesterday we managed to hook up 3 times on the swing…..Nothing on a dry line or light tip…..However 10 feet of T-11 and the Blue fox fly.produced.

Beautiful wild fish
Blockage between One Lane Bridge and Leidl