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Upper Proper         4 feet
Upper Flatlands     5 feet
Upper Canyon       4-5 feet
Farmlands              4-3 feet
Lower Canyon       2 feet


The rivers levels are back down to close to normal.  Efficient tactics currently for us would include…

1) Streamer fishing on the swing or retrieved

  • Streamers –  #4-8 JJ’s, Sparkle Minnows, Sulpzillas, Bow River Buggers, Zonkers
  • Sink tips are based on depth and flow
    Single Hand Sink Tip Options
    -Integrated Sink Tips reffered to as ‘Streamer Tips’
    -Versa Tips attached via loop to loop to a standard floating fly line

    Two Hand Rod with a
    -Standard head that sink tips can be attached; Mow tips, Sinking VersiLeaders
    -Multi density head that sink tips can be attached to; ; Mow tips, Sinking VersiLeaders 

2) Nymphing with the quintessential Stonefly and a dropper;

  • Droppers to include, but not limited       to… #12-16  Formerly Known as Prince, Lightning Bugs, Caddis 
  • Stonfley Patterns
  • Other –  Although streamers are effective on the swing and retrieved, they can also be very effective under the bobber.


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The Klick closed yesterday.   Remarkable river.  On a year when most watersheds
1- Received 50 percent or less of their water &
2- Water temps were HIGH

The Klickitat was well above those statistics.  In addition the Klickitat receives fresh fish from the time it opens June 1 until they day it closes Nov 30…  Remarkable river.

Bitter/sweet to see it close,  but good to give the river a rest.  We want to thank everyone who hung out with us this year at The Steelhead Ranch and on this awesome watershed……

Couple images from ‘Guides Day Out’ the day before the closure :))