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Posted on 2 Comments on UPPER COLUMBIA RIVER REPORT – 4/20/16

Lots of fish lately….No true giants; But hey, when the average trout is 17-19 inches and there is a realistic chance at an 8 pounder, things are good.

Water levels have increased at the border and the lake level  is low.  Typical water pattern so far. Bugs are popping and we should see some Mothers Day Caddis on the UC within the next 20 days:))


Posted on Leave a comment on YAKIMA RIVER REPORT – 4/18/16

Overall tough conditions.  Most likely isn’t going to get better in the near future with the weather pattern we have…..which is warmer then normal.

Upper Proper 1 foot
Upper Flatlands  1.5 + foot
Upper Canyon 1
Farmlands – 1 foot
Lower Canyon 6 inches

If you are going to fish,  the 12 noon to 3 PM time frame is the window…..March Browns are hatching and over the years in this situation we have been able to find some rising fish during the hatch.  Prior and post hatch is difficult.

We will keep you updated as conditions become more favorable.


Posted on Leave a comment on UPPER COLUMBIA RIVER – 4/7/16

THE RIVER DOES NOT BLOW OUT!   The UC is fishing good with both swing and nymph tactics. Dry fly fishing is  light.  Water clarity is 6-7 feet.

Light to heavy sink tips based on depth and flow.  River level is low and in great condition.   Lot’s of wildlife this past weekend……Deer, Elk, Turkey’s in full regalia and of course some trout.

Hooked Up

Nice Bow for Jenn



Posted on 2 Comments on YAKIMA RIVER REPORT – 4/7/16

Little rough on the Yakima currently – The clarity report shows the situ;

Clarity Report

Upper Proper – 1
Upper Flatlands – 1.5
Upper Canyon – 1
Farmlands – 1 to 1/2
Lower Canyon – 1/2 foot to zero

March Browns are definitely game on……Therefore, even though the clarity is terrible.  It is possible to find a few fish during the hatch feeding on the surface; even in the mud.  No guarantees.  12noon to 2 pm will be you best bet:)