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Clarity 3+       Water Temp  38     Fishing and catching has been good on both the nymph and swing since the river came into shape.  The water is cold and reasonably big so we have found the fish in ‘softer’ water recently.  5 days until this one closes……


Clarity report:
Upper proper   5 feet
Upper Flatlands 6 feet
Upper Canyon 5 feet
Farmlands 5-3 feet
Lower Canyon 3 feet

Lots of Midges and some Blue Wings recentlyl A few isolated fish keying in on them, but not many.  Regardless, good fishing currently.  Swingtastic and striptastic with streamers – Patterns include but not limited to Sculpzillas, Matukas etc etc etc…..

Wishing all a safe and happy holiday :))


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Definitely had a bump in the river from this last weather pattern.  Everything is dropping into shape currently. The streamer fishing along with the nymphing has been game on.  The dry fly fishing has been worthy as well in isolated location and time with Blue Wing hatches.  Otherwise, the dry fly fishing is non existent.

Fall Colors


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Fifteen days until this awesome river closes. Recently the water has been up and down with some cancellation due to clarity  The catching has been good throughout based on the day.  The swing fishing has been good based on the day as well – we have had to go to heavier tips recently due to the colder water temps and more volume.  The nymphing continues to catch ’em.

Gaylord with a nice buck 
Beautiful fish – photo by Ricky
Cool looking Chinook for Gaylord


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GREAT fall fishing right now.   Fish are not quite in winter water yet.  Still spread out.  Water clarity is ….
Upper Proper – 5ft
Upper Flatlands – 7 ft
Upper Canyon – 6 ft
Farmlands – 6 to 4 ft
Lower Canyon – 3 ft

Small stones, PT’s, WD40’s etc wer the ticket yesterday when nymphing.  #16 Caddis are still around in the late AM, but are fading fast.  Good dry fly fishing yesterday on Blue Wing Olives in the mid to late afternoon.  Streamers swung, stripped and dead drifted can also be productive.  The white fish egg drift was a no go this week.

Beautiful bow from yesterday
Evening Light