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The cooling water temps have definitely slowed most bug activity.  We will see Midge, light Baetis and small winter stone activity  throughout the Winter, but for the most part, the fall hatches have gone by the wayside for 2014.

Re: Fall Hatches – What happened to our strong Baetis , Mahogany  Duns and Cahills of the Fall?
The Yakima continues to hold its own and the trout population according to WDFW are reasonably     stable.  But what has happened to our Mayfly hatches……In the late 80’s and 90’s the Mayfly hatches were far more prolific?  Also,  what has happened to our Whitefish population?  Certainly has decreased since the late 80’s.  Many will complain about Whitefish, but the whitefish is a good indicator of a healthy Western stream.
Back to the report – Bugs of the week include:
#10 Black and Brown Pats Stone
#4 Zuddler
#18-20  Red or Blue Brassie
Dry fly fishing from this point in time will be limited to targeting rising fish.  Searching with a dry fly will be reasonably futile.