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The fishing on the Yakima has been consistent and good.  A mixture of dry flies, nymphs and streamers have proven effective lately.  We have been on all stretches of the river….from The Upper Proper to the Lower Canyon.

Water temps are good so far ranging from 52-61 depending on where and time of day – See the new reel time links on the right side bar.  Flows are lower than normal but that is to be expected.  Reservoir levels are reasonable considering…

Bugs de jour continue to be Yellow Sallies, PMD’s/PED’s, Caddis, Ants.

Patterns of the weeks
#8 Pats Stone in Tan and Brown
#14-16 PMD Trigger Nymphs
#14-18 Lightning Bugs
#8 Golden Chubby
#6 Streamer Pre Madonna