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The Best of Washington Steelhead and Trout Since 1988
The Best of Washington Trout & Steelhead
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Joe first picked up a rod on the banks of the ever so mighty Tin Cup Creek outside of Darby Montana. At the age of 12 he was literally hooked, in the back of the head, the ear, and the face. It’s amazing how a few dozen 6 inch Trout can alter the course of a boy’s life.

Joe is passionate about the pursuit of fish. He has journeyed far and near. Joe considers fishing to be the delivery device of life’s greatest gifts… friends, family, and memories.

Since his days on Tin Cup Creek Joe has fished as far South as the Seychelles and as far North as Alaska. His love of adventure and extensive travel experience make Joe a great resource for our destination travel, our lodges, and any of our guests searching for new journeys.


Two Handers:   Anything that bends
WA Waters:    OP
Freestone Water:    All of it
Fish:    Giant Tarpon
One Liner: Caddyshack…All of it (and other 80’s classics)