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The Best of Washington Steelhead and Trout Since 1988
The Best of Washington Trout & Steelhead
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Our manager Jeff, otherwise known as ‘JEFFE’ has 35 plus years of experience in the industry.  Jan his wife, otherwise known as ‘Mamma’ is our House Mom.  Between Jan’s artistic ability and Southwestern Culinary flare and Jeff’s industry knowledge, we are fortunate to have this team.  I should never forget their two sidekicks…. Lucy and Ethel – Our Lodge dogs

Some of his trails include….
One of the earliest permits in Colorado
15 years in Tierra Del Fuego for Ted Turner’s Ranch
7 years in the Kola Peninsula on the Atlantic Salmon Reserve
4 years as a Fly Shop owner

He is now our Black Bear Lodge/Upper Columbia  and Quinault Cabin/Olympic Peninsula Manager/Host/Chef :))))))