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Sept 23-29        4 Spots

To speak with someone about this amazing program
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Each program has 8 spots


The Kvichak River (Pronounced-Queejack) is in the heart of Bristol Bay and is home to one of the greatest trophy rainbow trout fisheries on Planet Earth.  Unlike the leopard patterned rainbow trout commonly found throughout Bristol Bay, Kvichak River rainbows are solid blocks of terrorizing chrome.  On average they’re much larger and more aggressive than leopard bows and pound for pound will often fight harder than an ocean bright steelhead.

Unlike the mellow grab of wild winter run steelhead, a Kvichak River rainbow will move ten plus feet through the water column to pulverize a swung fly.  The initial impact on your fly can be so violent that on many occasions past clients have reported their fly rods literally being ripped out of their hands.  If you manage to land a good hookset, what you can expect next is a series of impressive aerobatic runs that can easily burn 100+ yards deep into your backing.  Many fish are lost during these battles, but if the stars align and you play your cards right you might find yourself kneeling above a net looking down at a trophy rainbow of a lifetime.

We can fish the river with both single hand and two hand rods.  Your trip can include Trout, Grayling and potentially Pike fishing.

WHERE IS THE KVICHAK?  The Kvichak is the outlet river of lake Iliamna in western Alaska.  Lake Iliamna is Alaska’s largest lake and the Kvichak drains into Bristol Bay. The lodge is on Blueberry Island, 2 miles downstream from the lake.

WHEN IS THIS TRIP OFFERED and WHY? We offer this trip Sept 10 – Oct 18 By this time the pressure is LIGHT and although multiple tactics will work, the swing fishing is the focus!

HOW TO GET THERE?  Fly Into Anchorage and from Anchorage we will arrange a charter flight

THE LODGE is 15 ft, off of the river and it provides us with comfortable beds, hot showers, a great dining room & deck literally riverside.  The facility is comfortable & the food is thumbs up!

All inclusive  $6150 – Program will include
-5 1/3 days of guided fishing
-Flies and terminal tackle
-Rods and reels if needed
-Charter Flight from Anchorage

Pricing does not include:
-Flight to Anchorage Alaska
-Fishing License
-Wading Attire

Day 1
Charter flight to Igiugig from Anchorage @ 12 Noon
Settle in to rooms
Food, Fun, Lodging

Day 2
Fish, Food, Fun, Lodging

Day 3
Fish, Food, Fun, Lodging

Day 4
Fish, Food, Fun, Lodging

Day 5
Fish, Food, Fun, Lodging

Day 6
Fish, Food, Fun, lodging

Day 7
Fly Out at 1:30 PM

Connect to another flight or spend the night in Anchorage and connect the following day.


Communications: You are traveling to a very remote wilderness area of Alaska so cellphone use at the lodge is  possible if you have a GCI (Alaskan) account, or via wifi calling with national providers like AT&T and Verizon.  There is also a phone available for emergencies. We will have unlimited internet this year….Yay!

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What to bring – All fishing rods, reels, flies and terminal tackle can be provided if needed at not extra charge.

Clothing / layers
Waders/Rain Jacket (Alaska Standard)
Wading Boots (Felt Soles are Illegal in Alaska) No Studs or Cleats can be used in our boats.
Polarized Glasses
Sunscreen/bug spray/Headnet
Warm Clothing – think layers – Warm Hat/Gloves – Camp Shoes –

Fishing Gear :

Single Hand Rods
7-8 weight rods for trout and pike  (floating lines & sinking tip)
4 – 5 weight rods for grayling

6-8 weight Switch or Spey Rods with Skagit or Rage heads
Sink tips – 5 and 5 T8-14      10 foot T8-14


Flies for Trout –
Assortment of beads in sizes and color
Any Egg Pattern
Flesh Patterns
Dali Llama
Sculpin Patterns
Lamprey Eel Patterns
Mice Patterns for trout
Small dries for grayling


For the fly fisherman that lives for the pursuit of swinging flies to aggressive salmonids it would be hard to find a better time and place to be than in the fall standing knee deep in a run swinging for trophy bows on the Kvichak River.   We run our operation in the fall because it is the most opportune time to swing for these magnificent fish.  The massive runs of spawning adult salmon into the Kvichak River have almost ended in fall when we open our doors and with that ending a major dietary swing for the rainbow trout in this system is also occurring.

During the fall their dependency on decaying salmon carcass flesh and eggs that they relied upon during the summer months is quickly coming to an end and Kvichak rainbows start focusing their diet more towards small fish predation, such as sculpin and out-migrating juvenile salmon smolt.  Swinging a smolt or sculpin fly pattern in the fall with a single or double handed fly rod on Kvichak River can be some of the most exhilarating angling you can experience in all of Alaska.  It’s not uncommon to witness a Kvichak rainbow torpedo out of the water 5-7ft in hot pursuit for a swung fly.

Our veteran crew is fully licensed, well seasoned, fun, attentive, hard working coast gaurd captains. Combined experienced is a staggering 92 years from our four guides.