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The Best of Washington Trout & Steelhead
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Bump and Move

All of us have been in the familiar situation when you have positioned yourself to nymph a familiar ‘trout spot’ on your favorite river and you hook-up immediately, even two to three hook-ups, and then nothing. The question comes to mind ….”Did I hook every fish in the hole?” Most likely not! If you are not able to hook-up again then ‘change it up’. First, try a different depth with the same flies. If that doesn’t work then change the flies up….Even though the fish has a brain the size of a pea, they are definitely in tune with current food sources. When you catch a couple at first via the element of surprise, all is good. After that, sometimes a change-up is required to fool others in that zone. After changing up with new depths and flies and getting no results then the next recommendation is to ‘Bump and Move’ – In essence you have over-extended your welcome in that particular zone!