Back to normal?

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Let’s get back to ‘Normal’ and currently  being referenced as the ‘New Normal’  where fluidity won’t be as simple.

If above is the case….*’Hydrotherapy’ is in order and just around the corner.

  • Hydrotherapy   – The relaxation and insight gathered while waterside. Term spawned by Jay Virnoche and  part of the Guidespeak dictionary

Water levels on the Yakima have been fluctuating and up quite a bit lately with the warmer weather and some of the precipitation. Between now and stabilization (somewhere in mid to late June) the river will be up and down based on run-off and dam releases. Ther is going to be some GREAT fishing in this time frame…There is also going to be some tough fishing

Current Clarity Chart

Upper Proper   2-3 feet
Upper Flatlands   3 feet
Upper Canyon    2-3 feet
Farmlands   2-1 feet
Lower Canyon   1 foot

Yakima river hatches currently include

  1. March Browns #

  2. Blue Wing Olives

  3. Caddis


We know your time is valuable. In addition, with the Covid restrictions we have opened our drive thru so those who are in a hurry and want to keep themselves isolated can pick up tackle with out leaving their vehicle.

We have protective plexiglass and a hand sanitizer station in store as well.

Just around the corner…
Mother’s Day Caddis #14
Salmon Flies #4
PMD’s # 16
Golden Stones #6
Green Drakes #10-12