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Happy New year to all.  Hope your time with family and the upcoming new year was and is fulfilling!

Winter had been quite light until recently.  Happy to see this big snowfall we just received.  We need more. I was gone for 5 days from the Steelhead Ranch and when I returned I had to use the Bobcat to dig a trench up the round about to just get to the Ranch house!  When I arrived the snow was at Deck level on the main Ranch house!  (Picture below)

The river was fishing goooood prior to this COLD snap.  AS things warm up a little she will fish gooood again.  The lower river below Umptanum has been in undated with ice. Some of that will be sure to disapear as things warm a little.

The beautiful thing about winter is the food sources are pared down, the fish are congregated amd the window of feeding is during the warmth of the day.

Winter Bugs
#8-12 Skwala Stonefly Nymphs
#8-12 Pats Stones
#8-12 San Juan worms
#14-18 Beadheads  ….Prince, Perdigon, YB, Hares Ear
#4-8 Streamers …. Sculpzilla, Sparkle Minnow,Sheila Sculpin… Etc…

Remember, just arround the corner we will have Skwala Adults (Somewhere around the end Feb)  Prior to that the Skwalas nymph is key and so is the worm.  In fact that is waht we are using 90 percent of the time when we are nymphing.

Well fed trout!

Kinda cold lately but there are fish being caught out on the OP .  We will be  on those  waters from the 15th of Feb until the 1st of April.

Remaining dates…
23-27      4 Spots
27 – March 2    2 Spots

7-11      2
13-18   4
22-26  6