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I have been a bit lazy when it comes to reports.  Will try to be a little more current as this new year progresses.  Honestly, we haven’t been on the water much….Kind of nice. Mid December until mid January is usually slow, understandably.  Just around the corner,  we are going to be REAL BUSY:)


Pre spawn rainbows are at their peak prior to the ritual and as with any western stream, The Yakima and Upper Columbia are no exception.

Healthy hungry fish with limited food sources due to the colder temperatures can make for some great fishing.

The Yakima

Like a broken record for 25 plus years – Some GREAT  fishing from now until April.  Quite frankly, assuming February is not arctic weather, Feb can be amazing.

If you feel like swinging the fly on the Yakima with little two handers, give us a jingle as we have been tuned into that game since 1994:) In addition, the nymphing can be automatic:))


The Upper Columbia 

One word,  Swingtastic:))


 The Olympic Peninsula

The 2019 season is just kicking into gear  for us…   If you are learning about the two hander it is very important to have a balanced rod.   Recently I read a synopsis by Rober Meiser on balancing  your equipment… The following probably is the best written analysis I have seen;